Retro Remakes 2006 Compo

Retro Remakes The Big 2006 Compo.
The Retro Remakes 2006 Big Competition - Promoting Accessibility In Games, has just begun!

Programmers have 3 months to make the best remake they possibly can, with over £4,000 worth of prizes up for grabs this year. More to come soon...

The Retro Remakes 2006 Big Compo Rules
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Games Entered So Far...


Star Trigon (Namco 2002) - one button coin-op

LED Throwies

Could all games have a "Doodle City" mode?

Image of I, Robot game title screen. Image of the 'I, Robot' menu screen, giving a choice between the main game and the 'ungame', Doodle City.

Image of Doodle City the 'Ungame'. Image of 'I, Robot' game attract screen.

Thinking about Reactive Colours reminded me of Atari's 1983 ground breaking game I, Robot. This obscure game featured an "Ungame" mode called "Doodle City" where you could choose to mess about with the games graphics with no pressure (apart from your 10p credit running out).

This is not so dis-similar to the sound test features in many games, where you can mess about listening to sound effects and back ground music. Not so dis-similar to free driving modes in most car games.

I think it would be great for many disabled gamers if more games featured "Ungame" modes. A chance to enjoy facets of the main game, no matter how small, without being made to feel inadequate. This could open up more games, to more people.


Reactive Colours

Reactive Colours logo
I recently discovered the fantastic project. The 'games' are aimed at Autistic children, but are fun for most people. The Gallery hosts on-line activities, the download area has interactive screen-savers, and if you approach them, they may agree to send you their superb CD-Rom.

If you find those interesting, you'll likely love SEN Switcher, aimed at enabling severely learning disabled people. A great starting point for some switch users.

Guestbook and Updates Archive

I'm archiving my old updates and guestbook, replacing them with this blog. This should simplify things, and make for a more colourful read.

The first post - hopefully not the last...

Image of a man running towards a wall of ice, from 'Pepsi NexGame'
Accessible Gaming stuff, art, music and personal ramblings. That's the plan for this blog.

In the meanwhile, have a game of the (nearly) one switch game above
'Pepsi NexGame' (thanks to Sander of for the nod). I still haven't got to the end of it...

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