Messa di Voce

Shadows of two people speaking into microphones, with swirls being projected, seemingly from their mouths."Messa di Voce (Ital., "placing the voice") is an audiovisual performance in which the speech, shouts and songs produced by two abstract vocalists are radically augmented in real-time by custom interactive visualization software.

Tmema's software transforms every vocal nuance into correspondingly complex, subtly differentiated and highly expressive graphics. These visuals not only depict the singers' voices, but also serve as controls for their acoustic playback."

What if...

Mocked up one button NES controller.
...all games were played with a single button. are running a challenge to redesign controllers for one button play (for fun). More Forum pictures here. Feel free to add your own mock ups.

Badlands (Konami 1984) one switch laser disk game

Badlands (Konami 1984) one button laser disk game flyer.This may be the most obscure ever! Konami released a laser disk coin-op game "Bad Lands" in 1984, that relied upon a single button for play.

The game was an animated Western, where you simply had to hit your button to fire at baddies as soon as they started to attack you. Shoot too soon, and you'd be hung. Cheerful!

Reminds me a little of the very basic but fun one switch game "Gunslinger" which can be downloaded from the OneSwitch library.

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New Musical Instrument

Scotland is about to score a world "first" by creating a new musical instrument that could revolutionise teaching.

The instrument will allow severely physically disabled children to make music through a combination of sensors linked to hand or eye movement and computer technology. A prototype may be ready by Christmas 2008.

Wish I could say more, but I can't...

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Another Accessible Gaming Competition! have just announced a new "Accessibility Game Programming Contest". The dead-line for submissions is the 15th of October 2006.

The organisers are looking for the best accessible one switch (game playable with a single button) or audio game (game playable without an on-screen display), with a prize fund of over $5000 to be shared out to the winners.

The rules are quite different to the Retro Remakes competition, so if your ideas didn't quite fall in with that one, here's your chance!

Can't wait to start seeing the games from these two competitions!

The Specials - Ghost Town


GameSetWatch - OneSwitch interview

GameSetWatch logoGameSetWatch have just published an interview held between myself and Alistair Wallis, regarding my work at and Accessible Gaming. Really feels good to know we have supporters out there. Thanks, Alistair!

Develop in Brighton - Game Developers Conference

Develop in Brighton - Game Developers Conference 11th-14th of July. On Friday the 14th of July I will be giving a short talk on Accessible Gaming at the Brighton Game Developers Conference. I might be a bit ropey (I've never done this before), but my colleagues from the IGDA's Game Accessibility Special Interest Group (GASIG) won't be. Good luck to us in pursuading developers to make their games more accessible.

"Topics include why game accessibility matters, demonstrations and discussions about why different disabled gamer groups can't play the majority of the mainstream games on the market, and what kinds of software, middleware, and hardware solutions have been created to date. "

"Additionally a number of tips and tricks will be discussed for developers to implement and get started on making sure that their titles are as accessible as possible. Participants will also get a chance to play games designed for the deaf, for the blind, and for physically and learning disabled gamers."

Xbox 360 to get a more accessible controller?

Atari VCS joystick - simple stick with a single red button."Xbox boss Peter Moore has hinted that Microsoft could be working on a simplified game controller designed to attract new gamers who might be intimidated by traditional joypads." -

β€œIn 1982, there were 44 million gamers. Today, there are 18 million. Where'd they all go? Complexity lost the casual gamer. Violence lost the woman gamer." – Nolan Bushnell – DIEC 2005

See my "Physical Barriers in Games" article for more...

Nano Sucker - new one switch game

Image of red and green cells, with a pointed pebble like craft in the thick of it all. Nano Sucker is a new one switch PC game to be added to the one switch library.

The aim of the game is to wipe out bad red-cells by running into them with your pebble like craft. The SPACE Bar acts as THRUST to propel your craft. It's quite hectic fun at later levels.

There seems to be a slight bug, whereby the game starts very slow, but this sorts itself out fairly quickly. Have fun!

Many thanks to Kurt & Leon Blackwell for permission to include their fun game.

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