Tank Chair

Tank Chair.
"Tank Chair is a Custom off-road wheelchair that can go anywhere outdoors. Conquers Streams, Mud, Snow, Sand, and Gravel, allowing you to get back to nature, and can also climb up and down stairs."

Take a look at the amazing videos at their site too. I don't need one, but I want one. And one for all my friends too!


Retro Remakes 2006

Not long now before the winners are all announced! Friday the 1st of December will see the most accessible game named from this 3 month long game programming competition at Retro Remakes.

More to come soon...


Xbox 360 Playstation controller adapter - it exists!

Xbox 360 Playstation controller adapter.
...now I'm trying to get hold of some. Looking pretty useful, with purported compatibility with a keyboards, mice and of course, Playstation controllers. We'll see...

Nintendo Wii released

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo have released their new one-handed games console today in the US, the Wii (pronounced 'We'). Their console is designed to be more accessible to the majority of gamers. It is due for release in Japan and Europe on the 2nd and 8th of December.

I think this remote control styled controller is laudable, especially from the amount of people interested in the one-handed controllers available in too short supply for the Playstation 2.

The controller requires quite a broad field of movement from my understanding, which will render this console inaccessible to some, and seemingly totally inaccessible to switch users. Time shall tell. It's still a very good thing that a mainstream publisher is thinking about gamers struggling with very complicated controllers.


Xbox 360 controller adapter

It seems that a Playstation controller adapter is in development for the Xbox 360. Team Xtender have announced the "XFPS 360" which will hopefully be released in the very near future.

I'm not sure how legal this device will be, as I understand that Microsoft have some kind of restriction on controllers for this console. The thing is, the Xbox 360 will remain closed off and inaccessible to many disabled gamers unable to use their favourite accessible Playstation compatible controllers without it.

Thanks to Eric Burger for this news item.

Changing Places - UK

Changing Places - UK
"The Changing Places Consortium has launched a campaign on behalf of the thousands of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their carers, and the many other disabled people who cannot use standard accessible toilets."

"They need Changing Places toilets. These are toilets with enough space for disabled people and their carers, and the right equipment, including a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist."

"There are almost no public Changing Places toilets in the UK. Providing these toilets in public places would make a dramatic difference to the lives of thousands of people who desperately need these facilities. Sometimes you just need to change one thing to open up a world of possibility. The time for change is NOW."

Dokidoki Hebi - Namco

Dokidoki Hebi - Namco, mechanical Whack a Mole type game.Namco's Human Services Department has just released a new "Rehabilitainment" gaming machine, Dokidoki Hebi (roughly translating as Snake Supressor).

It's a "Whack a Mole" type game, where you hit toy snake heads with a soft hammer when they rise their heads. I understand (via Babel Fish) that this game is aimed at people with spinal injuries, and offers some kind of physio through adjustable speed options, and perhaps the degree of force needed. Bash things to get better!




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