closes for business

A sad day in my books, accessible gaming wise. Export company Lik-sang have closed for business, due to "Multiple Sony Lawsuits".

Whatever the ins and outs of this are, it means life will get a lot tougher for me to track down console adapters. These enabled controllers from one games console (ironically, normally Sony Playstation controllers) to be used with another. So if you found something that worked on a Playstation, you could still use it on your Xbox, Dreamcast or Gamecube. I'll be keeping an eye out for a company that may rise from the ashes, as well as the web-site.

A pretty grim day for all involved I think. Off to then...

Happy Halloween

Imagination Controllers

Interesting news on mind-control over Space Invaders here. Not quite as much fun as the Funky Shapes Dude from Sesame Street - but getting there.


$14 Wheelchairs

Image of a Free Wheelchair Mission chair consisting of some bike parts and a plastic garden chair.
"Many of the world’s more than 100 million physically disabled poor must crawl or drag themselves along the ground, suffering as a result from illness, filth, and humiliation. A wheelchair supplies independence and hope, yet the cost of a basic institutional model can be prohibitive". The $14 wheelchair above can prove to be the solution for many. Pretty natty.

EDIT: See the Free Wheelchair Mission for more.


etherbrian - freelance artist

Love Invasion. Art work of heart shaped aliens dropping down to earth. You may have noticed that my OneSwitch logo has been cleaned up very nicely recently. This is thanks to Brian at, where you will find more of his very creative, striking art work. Thanks so much Brian. I'm starting to look professional, at last! Brian sells some of his fantastic work on-line, and is also available for commissions. Track down some great freebies on his site too.


Mouse and keyboard pointing to a JoyPad.
JoyToKey is a mouse and keyboard emulator for joysticks. I've just uploaded instructions and a download page to the library.

This is a fantastic piece of freeware PC software, that can be of use to many disabled people - gamers or not.



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