New One-handed Xbox 360 controller. But...

One-handed Xbox 360 controller for right handed gamers. Ben Heck, a very talented hard-ware engineer/hacker, has created the first dedicated right handed Xbox 360 controller. However, he laments his inability to build in the numbers needed to satisfy disabled gamers across the globe. Can anyone out there help?

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Accessible Game Competition - Results Just In!

Branston and the Lost MachineThe Donation Coder competition has come to a close, reaping nine new one-switch games and five audio games. I recommend you try them all, but special mention must go to the winning entry Branston and the Lost Machine which is a hugely fun and inventive adventure game that you can play on-line now. More to follow...

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Zoltar - Switch Fortune Telling

Switch adapted Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine.Switch adapted 'Zoltar Fortune Teller' machines have just been added to the OneSwitch shop. These are a good laugh, and at a very basic level, a great cause and effect device. No idea if I'll sell any, but I just couldn't resist.


Accessible Gaming Shop

Reactable Synthesiser

Reactable live performance.
Reactable being used by a baby.
Happy new year! I discovered the 'Reactable' today. It's a synthesiser controlled by manipulating a variety of objects on a table-top. These respond with amazing under projected animation and sound. May I have one please?



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