Switch Accessible Sale

Image of two remote-controlled planes chasing one another.Just added a few new items to the "Switch Accessible Sale" area of the One Switch shop. These include a plane that can be flown with two plug in switches, a remote controlled boat that can be sailed with one switch and my last OOglie, crazy toy.


Froggy Ribbit

Froggy Ribbit - one switch style.Christopher Mair of Crush Puppy has just finished a one-switch version of his Frogger tribute, "Froggy Ribbit". It's a superb game, and uses the one-switch standard of SPACE BAR or LEFT MOUSE CLICK to play. Tap to jump forward, Hold for a few seconds then release to jump back. Quality!

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Citizens of the UK - we need you!

UK petition for rights to Communication Technology! If you are a member of the UK, please E-petition Tony Blair to improve provision for communication aid users. People have the right to communicate, don't they?


Accessibility Idol - GDC 2007

Accessibility Idol - GDC 2007. Image of Simon Cowell with fan.
The IGDA's Game Accessibility Special Interest Group will be hosting 'Accessibility Idol' at this year's Game Developers Conference 2007:

"That’s right…the reality show that’s taken the world by storm is now about to name THE FIRST ACCESSIBILITY IDOL! Game industry veterans have long been bemoaning the fact that they’ve already seen it all, done it all – what is possibly left to be done in gaming that they didn’t already do in 1970…er…1980…make that 1990. Then IGDA TV came to them with the challenge that they could not ignore – the next chapter in total global gaming dominance…making sure their games could be played by the 10-20% of the population with disabilities. It’s been a big year (ok, last few months) for our famous game designers who have made it to the finale of Accessibility Idol. Haven’t seen the other episodes of the season yet? Not to worry! We’ll share the tears, the jeers, and the controversy that has followed our brave finalists to the end and then, for the first time, YOU can witness the CARNAGE…LIVE. Amongst the finalists is Ernest Adams who won immunity in the last challenge. But who will the other finalists be? You must wait for the decision of the tribal council (we’ve got ratings to worry about, man, we can’t tell you EVERYTHING). Why should you care? Why should you NOT care? This isn’t fashion, people – it’s games and glamour and grit and gore and about making games for the REAL heroes of the gaming world – gamers with disabilities. Come and steal tips from the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG and our finalists so you can create designs that will help ensure you can start tapping into this significant market share. This is about making games for those gamers with nothing but pure determination to play your inaccessible games despite all the barriers you’ve put into your games. So come early and grab your seat, bring your cameras (it makes the contestants nervous, which is great for ratings) and maybe, just maybe, YOU’LL have the chance to participate in the NEXT season of ACCESSIBILITY IDOL!!"

The full run down of Accessible Gaming events at GDC 2007:

Tuesday, March 6th: Serious Accessibility for Serious Games : 10:30-11:30 Panel Presentation
Tuesday, March 6th: Untapped Market of One-Button Mobile Games : 5-5:45pm Roundtable
Wednesday, March 7th: Accessibility Arcade (Part One) : 9-10am
Thursday, March 8th: Accessibility Arcade (Part Two) : 9-10am
Thursday, March 8th: SIG Group Gathering : 12-1pm
Thursday, March 8th: ACCESSIBILITY IDOL : 4-6pm (a.k.a...the big show!)
Friday, March 9th: Accessibility Arcade (Part Three) : 10:30-11:30


Mushihime Tama - PCB Hunt

Mushihime tama - Insect Princess from CAVE
In trying to track down a JAMMA PCB of Cave's follow up to 'Uo Poko', 'Mushihime Tama' I discovered a video showing this game in play. I'm now wondering if this can be played with a single control. Either way, it looks like fun with amazing end level bosses to defeat. In the meanwhile, there is a good little 'Uo Poko' clone that you can play on-line now, called Bulbaceous Balls.

Thanks to Donation Coder for the on-line game link.

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Knee Bouncers

Knee Bouncers. KneeBouncers is a great site of on-line activities aimed at babies and toddlers. Lots of fun activities that can be controlled with a single key, and thus a single switch.

Thanks to Michi for the link.

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