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Spooks - an Adventure Game compatible with Head-Trackers, Eye-Trackers and other Accessible Controllers.Adventure Game Studio is a development tool that enables people to design mouse controlled adventure games. Their web-site promotes the games that people have designed using it, which are available for free download.

The great thing about these games is that they can be played by Head-Tracker gamers, Eye-Tracker users and so on. See my Accessible Gaming Shop section on Head, Mouth and Eye Controls for more.

IndyGamer ran a great Top 10 Adventure Game Studio games list recently, that includes full links to the games, and even 'Walk Through' cheat guides for some. This includes my favourite, the gothic adventure 'Spooks'.

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  1. # Anonymous Aaron Marks

    Good! We need more games that can are compatible with head and eye trackers. It increases the ability for everyone to have some fun.  

  2. # Blogger

    Definitely! Have a look at this link for more on adventure games:  

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