Switch Adapted Water Pistol - more ideas...

Switch Adapted Water Pistol - more ideas...Okay, it's a bit cheeky, but I've just pinched some "Squirt Gun Application Ideas" dated 1994 from AbleNet and added them to the ideas list for my X-Blaster. The list now goes:

Water your plants; Play target practice outdoors or in your bath; Use watered down coloured inks to create splatter art; Cool your dog down on a hot day; Clean a dirty relative; Spray your neighbour then hide; Wash a car (very slowly); Fill the bird bath; Rinse off the dishes; Fill water balloons; Squirt yourself; Fill an animal's water dish; Spray clothes for ironing; Cool off a friend after exercising; Give players a drink at athletic events; Write water messages on the pavement; Shoot at paper targets; Wet down someone's hair when getting a haircut; Have fun!

...And if you live in London, you could get involved with the bonkers, "Water Gun Wars" / "Street Wars" event, or set-up your own.

22.06.07: Just added a D.I.Y. guide for people wishing to adapt their own water blaster.

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