Technical Issues

BBC 1967 Test Card: (c) BBC, ITC & BREMA 1967 - BBC Research & Development Department - Do not duplicate without this credit.You may notice a number of broken links at if you are trying to download JoyToKey or games from the library. For this I appologise. To date, this software has been hosted by the very kind, but enigmatic, 9572AD's, on his web-site as the web-site package I have for OneSwitch simply didn't have the room.

Unfortunately there are problems now with Idiombox that I don't entirely understand. All I can say is that things are trying to be fixed. Fingers crossed...


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    Great news could be on it's way very shortly.....  

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    The JoyToKey download has now been restored - games on their way - with huge thanks to More to follow...  

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