La Vie En Rose - Grace Jones


Magic Flute mouth fully mouth controlled instrument.
My Breath My Music, the free internet guide for people with muscular disabilites and others who are looking for a way to play a wind instrument
The Magic Flute, a wind instrument which allows you to play music with head movement. Great video here.

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Canyon Bomber Reviewed

Canyon Bomber Screen Shot.My review of Atari's 1977 one-switch game Canyon Bomber has just gone up at the Special Effect Gamebase. This adds to reviews for Alice Amazed, Alien Abduction, Aurikon, Chirality, Pinball Soccer, Uo Poko.

Okay - I'll get a bit more modern next time, I promise!

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The Fonejacker

Funniest thing I've seen on TV since The Mighty Boosh. This MySpace link to loads of video clips is probably for over 15's only!

E3 nothingness...

Image of two gamers with an unhappy face on the screens of their TVs - connected by overhead pylons. (c) Etherbrian.
Seems like another year of nothing special at this year's E3 show as regards accessible gaming. It's left me wondering, what ever happened to the talk of a new simplified controller for the Xbox 360?

Image via: Etherbrian
Edit: I take it back...

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The Games Are Back!

Image of one-switch game Aurikon by Aggressive Game Designs.
The one-switch games (and JoyToKey) were gone, but now they're back. Normal service resumes, with huge thanks to Retro Remakes.
Can't say how grateful I am to 9572AD for his original help with hosting these games, and also to the games new home with Retro Remakes. THANK YOU!

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South Essex Wildlife Hospital

South Essex Wildlife Hospital. Image of a Swift.
Came home today to discover a baby Swift in a box in my back garden. To cut a short story shorter, my partner, myself, our daughter and her friend from next door took it to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital in Orsett to have it checked out. All seemed well, and the lady running SEWH took the bird in to feed it for a day or so then release it into the wild.
It was about the 30th bird they'd taken in that day, so no big deal to her - but I think what they are doing is pretty special. Good on them. Drove back past a stream of about 100 taxis covered in Balloons. Good on them too.

The Designer’s Notebook: Why Action Games Suck (And What To Do About It)

Black and White image of two blimps facing one another. One is quoted as saying FIRE!, the second as DIVE!I've been a little lax in posting this, but I'd thought I'd pick a quiet time for this wise, considered piece. Ernest Adams, a respected game designer and advocate, has had an article published at Gamasutra relating to games being just too hard in places for many gamers and why.

He also talks a little of his game design for a Blimp game called Dreadnoughts of the Skies. Imagine Canyon Bomber in 3D with a highly accessible input system including an option for voice control and a way to battle one another. I'm not doing it justice here, so head over to Gamasutra for more. It's great to have a prominent supporter.


Uo Poko

Uo Poko screenshot. Match 3 colours puzzle game from CAVE.The more than marvellous Uo Poko has been added to the reviews GameBase at Special Effect. One of my favourite one-switch games, especially in two player team mode.

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1979: PiL - Pop Tones


1978: Canyon Bomber

Canyon Bomber - 1978 Atari VCS Game Box.If you were a one switch gamer back in 1978 you wouldn't have many games to play at home, but there was at least one: Atari's Canyon Bomber for the Atari VCS. This simple game saw you trying to clear a Canyon of coloured bricks with your bombs. Press FIRE to drop a bomb. If you miss your target, you loose a life.

Life was simpler in those days and so was I, but I still think this stands up as a fun casual game for two players... This reminds me, I must get to work on my Emulation guides soon.

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Accessible Gaming Shop - Now Open!

One Switch Accessible Gaming Shop. Image of a MERU MOOZI low profile joystick.
(Finally!) I have completed all sections of the Accessible Gaming Shop at The latest addition is the Various section with some great equipment from around the world. There's still more to add of course, but this feels like a solid start.

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Well done Electronic Arts!

Big pat on the back to Electronic Arts (and Nintendo) for including a "Family Play" option in their new Wii Madden game. This simplified mode reduces play to a single handed controller and provides assist modes to make play easier.

Have they been listening to us? Today, who cares! It's just great to see big companies getting it (slowly).

Via: Eelke Folmer at the IGDA GASIG Mailing List.

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Image of Sprout - a hand drawn idyllic island in a tropical sea, with a small seed thinking about what it might grow into.
On the Point and Click lick, I didn't quite realise how many potential head tracker games there were out there. I think the broadband explosion has helped, as many of these games are available on-line and free. Here's some more:
Sprout (by Jeff Nusz) - Slow paced, beautifully drawn puzzle game.
Arcane: The Miller Estate - One of a number of professionally animated adventures.
Wii-Cade: Games playable on the Nintendo Wii's browser - point and click style.
On-line Games 24 - Huge number of point and click adventure games.
Escape the Room Blogspot - As above really - haven't tried many of these.
Some of these thanks to the Guardian's GameBlog

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Point and Click Competition

Under One's WingsRetro Remakes are running a month long competition for July 2007, encouraging programmers to submit the best Point and Click game they can. This could be great news for head tracker and eye tracker users out there looking for more games.

If you don't know what a Point and Click game is, you could do worse than try "Under One's Wings" on-line and some of the free to download Adventure Game Studio titles.

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Alien Abduction and TechnoTalk 2007

Image of a moonscape with an alien UFO beaming up a space man. New review just up at the Special Effect Gamebase for Alien Abduction. This was one of the one-switch games used at last week's "Techno Talk 2007" in Kent which was a huge amount of fun.

So what else was in the one switch accessible arcade? Take a deep breath.... Vertical Pinball; a Fortune Telling machine; Japanese coin-op arcade games: Star Trigon and Mushi-metama; Everybody's Golf 4 (PS2); Destrution Derby and Kickboxing Knockout (PSone); One-button Mini Golf, Alice Amazed, Aurikon, The Fart Game, Froggy Ribbit and Chirality (PC); Water pistols; Radio Controlled Robots.

Else where was much on communicators and infrared controlled Robo-sapiens. It was a noisy but fantastic day, which I'd love to attend again if invited...

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