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Cheese Swingers - new one switch game

Cheese Swingers one switch game.
"Cheese Swingers from Blackrat Studios is a one switch game in which the player controls a rat as he swings a piece of cheese around on a string and knocks bees out the air as they try to steal pots of nectar. Weird, but fun. Also included in the zip file is a source template (.gmk) showing how to set up your own one switch game along with a list of websites with various articles on accessibility gaming to help you out."

Reminiscent of an ancient Cinematronics game called Rip Off, this is a lot of fun - and brilliant to see the support for accessible gaming all there from the go.

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Dream Gamer a week away

Dream Gamer head-control unit and switch interface box.
The Dream-Gamer head controller and basic switch box for Playstation 2's is due to go into production from next week. I've used a prototype, and can't wait to have a go on the finished item. Good luck to Excitim with this - I hope it's a huge success for them.

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Able Gamers dot com logo.
Able Gamers has recently undergone a fresh lick of paint. It's looking rather special now, with lots of great features and news items. Nice work.

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Language Translation Added to Blog

Thanks to this web-page I have added a small language translation bar to the bottom of this blog. You can now view this page in Japanese, French, German, Arabic and more. It's nice to be international.

Switch Accessible iPod

iScan-MP3 - iPod with switch interface for scan and select control.
Technical Solutions Australia have produced a marvellous looking scanning switch interface for almost all iPod MP3 players, named "iScan-MP3".

It's great when popular everyday devices such as the iPod get a specialist switch adaptation. It should be even better when most electrical devices can interface to other devices via a standard wireless protocol. If designers of electrical equipment are then made to consider disability access, life could become so much fairer. Imagine a wireless switch interface that simply links into some simple scan and select software to enable users to access MP3 players and so on. That will be nice...

Thanks to Thierry Danigo of Reseau Nouvelles Technologies APF for this link.


Switch Activated Pouring Cup

Enabling Devices Switch Activated Pouring Cup. After seeing the Pan and Tilt switch adapted camera, I remembered Enabling Devices switch activated pouring cup. This might also work great with a switch adapted water-pistol with a team of switch users aiming and firing.

Alongside the obvious fantastic uses for this in cooking, don't forget making use of a something like the "Power Link 2" for switch control of basic twist timer microwaves, can openers, food-mixers and more.

Via: TLWMSN Blog

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OZNAKI project

Non-vocal disabled user of PLUSMINUS via prototype Talking Communicator. The prototype was based on the Poly-88, which was in 1976 the first Intel 8080 microcomputer with built-in graphics. The subsequent TRX-80 was of similar configuration -- but in the astonishing maufacturing volume of 20,000 p.a.
The OZNAKI Project was an educational robotics project inspired by the MIT LOGO Project. The project, which ran from 1975-84, used the very earliest micromputers, including the Australian Poly-88 (in 1976+), TRX-80 (1977+) and Apple II (1978 +).

The Educational aim was the enhancement of mathematical abilities, however, the project evolved to cover enabling technology for disabled users. This included possibly the earliest use of accessibility switches with computers. Learn more on their pioneering "Computer Communication Access and Programming by Severely Disabled Project" at the OZNAKI Project web-page.


Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode


IGDA Game Accessibility SIG Blog

A new blog has been launched that all people interested in accessible gaming should bookmark: The IGDA's Game Accessibility Special Interest Group BLOG. Quite a mouthful, but should be the one to watch from here on.


Free CameraMouse Finally Available!

Camera Mouse logo.

Camera Mouse is now available for free from Boston College. All you need is a web cam and you are good to go! Free software for use with head trackers is also available. Read the TLWMSN previous blog post for more information.

Via: TLWMSN blog


New Links

Image of Darwin's theory of man's evolution - monkey - caveman - man - android tacked on the end.Small updates made to the OneSwitch Links page. I've added VideoJug - a step by step "how to do..." video site and The Hype Machine which is a great way to discover new music (such as Kate Nash).

Have also found two new on-line shops stocking HORI Super Robot Wars Controllers. In Hong Kong there is Toys n Joys and in the USA you have National Console Support (for the moment).


Artistic Arcade Sticks

Byrdo Arcade Stick.Roberto Duran, aka "Byrdo" is a talented artist who spends some of his time creating tailor designed artistic arcade sticks. No idea on the waiting list, no idea on prices, but very impressed by the work. Take a look over at www.Byrdo.org and at the Tailor Made section of the OneSwitch Accessible Gaming Shop for more.

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One button "Half Life"


AudiOdysseyAudiOdyssey is a PC music game aimed at all gamers, although it is also intended to be accessible to the blind. It makes use of a Nintendo Wii controller, but can be downloaded and played without one too. More on this at AudioGames.net.

Via: Eelke Folmer.


Another Dimension New Galaxy

Super Atari Poetry - Yucef Merhi


Automatic Jungle

National Gallery of Art Kids - Jungle Interactive art software screen shot.JUNGLE interactive is one of a number of free on-line art activities from NGAkids. These can work well for artists using a single switch with a little help. In fact, there's even an "Auto Jungle" button, which you can click on to create an instant jungle. Good creative fun, if a little slow to load initially.


Xeno-Tactic Reviewed

Xeno-Tactic - head-tracker compatible game.
My review of Xeno-Tactic a very addictive on-line head-tracker compatible game has just gone up at the Special Effect Gamebase. This adds to OneSwitch.org.uk reviews for Alice Amazed, Alien Abduction, Aurikon, Canyon Bomber, Chirality, Pinball Soccer, Uo Poko.

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Funkey Joysticks

Funkey Joysticks for PC from EduPro. I have added two "Funkey" joysticks for PCs to the Accessible Gaming Shop (large controllers section). Stocked by EduPro and looking quite useful.


Switch Adapted Cameras

Technology - Switch Adapted Digital Camera with Tilt and Pan device.
You can find a range of switch adapted digital cameras over at ORCAA. I was especially excited by their adapted Pan and Tilt device, thinking about it being used with an adapted water-pistol, alongside some other ideas... We'll see. I've added the address to my links page and art area in the meanwhile.

For do it yourself tinkerers - take a look at Matt Schnieder's switch adapted camera hack.

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