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Controller Adapters for Games Consoles and Computers.
Just made a small update to the Adapters section of the Accessible Gaming Shop, covering the particular adapters that I sell. Maybe worth a quick browse?

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The Snow Witch - Happy Halloween


Custom Technology Net Inc. - one handed controller - prototype.Now seems to be a good time for one handed gamers. is on the way - a site dedicated to tailor made gaming gear, including accessible controllers. In the meanwhile, take a look over at sister-site for a preview of their brand new one handed PS2 controller.

I really hope that they will consider other types of custom controller too for disabled gamers. Good luck!

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The Mighty Boosh - The Hitcher

A little pre-Halloween fun - probably 12+ rated.


Gamepad Secret Underground Blog

Master Asia I thought that I was obsessive about games console controllers, but I'm feeling decidedly mild-core after stumbling upon the "Gamepad Secret Underground" blog.

This site is Japanese, but has some great pictures of controllers, many I'd never seen before, some just not in such detail. Try these for a taster: Phoenix Revolution, the original ASCII Grip and this. Might be something in there to suit.


Playstation 2 Switch Interface Deluxe

Playstation 2 Switch Interface DeluxeMy new Playstation 2 Switch Interface Deluxe ("PS2 SID" for short) is very nearly ready to go, and already has its own web-page in my Accessible Gaming Shop. The PS2 SID has many accessibility functions and seems to be 99% compatible with PS2 games that use a standard Dual Shock controller.

Coming next will be the PS2 Switch Interface Redux, a cheaper and much simplified version with a full D.I.Y. guide planned for AbilityNet. Later still is a PS3 Switch Interface Ultra, tying up with LEPMIS technology...

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You Tube: D.I.Y. Switch Accessible Tape Recorder

One handed "Access Controller" finds a manufacturer

Access Controller - Ben Heck designed one handed versatile controller for Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3Potentially fantastic news today for many one handed gamers. Ben Heckendorm has created another one handed controller for the Xbox 360, with plans for PS2 and PS3 versions too. The "Access Controller", has interchangable control modules, (similar to the Radica Phoenix Revolution) and wireless compatibility.

The big news is that Ben has found a manufacturer for this device in eDimensional. Please, if you are interested in this type of controller, get in touch with them now! They need to know just how important this controller will be:

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Gaze Controlled Games

COGAIN - Eye Tracker - Gaze Controlled Games.COGAIN (Communication through Gaze Interaction) have just published a list of eye-tracker compatible games with assistance from the IGDA's GASIG members.

"One of the major goals of the COGAIN network is to provide people having physical disabilities with affordable, flexible, comfortable and easy to use hardware and software tools to interact with their environment through gaze control. Beyond applications that facilitate basic communication, our work also focusses on developing and sourcing games and other entertainment applications."

Thanks to Michael Heubner of COGAIN for this update.

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1979 Air Attack

Air Attack - Supersoft 1979 - Commodore Pet one switch game.I've just received a copy of the first ever commercially released true one switch home computer game (to my knowledge). By true, I mean that no other controls are needed at all. The game is "Air Attack" and was released for the Commodore Pet in 1979 by Supersoft. I hope to make this available to one switch gamers shortly in my Emulators pages. Watch this space...

With many thanks to Golan Klinger and Tom Luff of TPUG.

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5 Differences - Head Tracker Game

5 Differences - available at Crazy Monkey Games 5 Differences is a simple spot the difference game that should suit most head-tracker and eye-tracker gamers with very fine control. Really impressive animation makes this game stand out above the crowd.

Link via:
The Independent Gaming Source and Crazy Monkey Games

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Crazy Mammoths

Crazy Mammoths - one-switch game.
Crazy Mammoths is a fun and unique one-switch race game for 1 to 4 players (menus require mouse use unfortunately - but the main game is one-button accessible for each player).

via: forum

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Foot Mouse

Foot Mouse from Bilia.comBili Inc have developed a foot mouse for PCs and Macs. You control the mouse pointer using the foot slipper, and can activate clicks and other controls using the programmable pedals. Could be ideal for many gamers. Potentially this could be used on games consoles too using an adapter such as the Smart Frag or XFPS 360 - but I don't know at this stage.


Vocal Joystick

Vocal Joystick - Robotic Arm The Vocal Joystick is a research project that holds much promise. Speech recognition for computer control can be a frustrating affair even today. I loved playing the microphone controlled game Seaman on the Sega Dreamcast where you rear a half-man/half-fish creature, but half the time he didn't have a clue what I was saying. The Vocal Joystick gets over the recognition problems it seems by relying upon the user making more simple vocalisations rather than actual words. If that doesn't make sense, take a look at the video demonstrations for more - especially the Voicebot clip.


Switch iPod - No. 2

Switch Accessible iPod - RJ Cooper. RJ Cooper have just released a switch accessible remote control unit for iPods. This fun looking unit uses remote control signals and large arcade buttons. AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) users should check to see if their communication technology can already learn and transmit infra-red signals as standard. If so, they'd just need a standard remote control unit for their iPod and their existing switch gear.

D.I.Y.ers interested in the buttons above can find them at Brent Electronic (UK), Gremlin Solutions (UK) and Happ (USA).

Also see Technical Solutions Australia's scan and select iPod switch interface.

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Liberty Swing

Australasia has produced some fantastic innovative accessibility work over the past few decades. I especially like the 'Liberty Swing' for play grounds. Good.

Via: City of Casey

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ReacTicklesReacTickles is interactive software aimed at autistic children (but fun for almost all) now available to purchase. Take a look at 'Tag Learning' to buy it. To learn much more about this superb project go to the Reactive Colours web-site.

Strange Attractors 2

Strange Attractors 2Strange Attractors 2, the sequel to one of the most inventive of all one switch games, is on its way...

"Ominous Development has been hard at work (on the weekends =) creating the next iteration of Strange Attractors, taking the successes of the previous version and dropping it in an all new in house 3D engine and giving it a lot more juice. Levels are much larger and more intricate, enemies are more imposing and varied, and new game modes offer varied play types. Pretty much more impressive in every way. "

Can't wait...

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PS2 Switch Interface Deluxe

PS2 Switch Interface Deluxe More testing and tweaking needed - but nearly there for this one...

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Vectrex goes one switch - 25 years later

Vectrex one switch game - City Bomber.Regular readers of this blog may realise that I have a soft spot for the obscure. When I saw that the Vectrex, a black and white vector scan games console, was getting its first one switch game after 25 years - I had to find out more.

The game is called "City Bomber" based on a 1979 Commodore Pet game called "Air Attack". The basic premise is morally dubious, but fun to play. Your plane is running out of fuel and has to make an emergency landing slap bang in the middle of a city. Using your unlimited supply of bombs you need to wipe out every single tower to flatten yourself a landing strip. Your single button? Bomb.

I contacted the programmer Andy Coleman who says that he's thinking about writing a multi-game cartridge of one-button games. That I'd love to see.

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New project on its way...

Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick Things have been a little quiet here whilst I have been working hard on an old/new project. Small clue above... Big clue here.


£299 Playstation 3

Playstation 3
Sony have announced a cut-down version of their Playstation 3 console for release in the Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. The really good news is that the basic machine will still keep two USB sockets - it was rumoured that it might have none. Fingers crossed that the huge range of specialised and adapted Playstation 2 controllers will still work on this machine by using a PS2 to PS3 joypad adapter.




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