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2008: All Blogged One Switch Games

Mark Rothko art.
One-Switch Games Blogged in 2008:

A Sliding Puzzle for Helen - Mind bending puzzle game.
Blood Bath - One man one-switch army.
Bullseye! - Darts.
CRC Formula 1 - Racing rocket-powered wheelchairs.
Eye Toy Shoot Zonez - On-line sports and carnival games.
Gimme Some Friction - Compelling on-line Puzzle Bobble inspired game.
Gordon's Trigger Finger - Half-Life 2 First Person Shooter one-switch modification.
Green Thingy - Abstract mock vector-scan platform game.
Herder - Snake crossed with One Man and his Dog on-line.
Hoop Stars - Basketball for one or two players. Very basic but fun.
Maze Muncher - Pac-Man made one-switch playable.
Mario Dash - Wonderful Super Mario rejig made more accessible.
Mighty Jill Off - Bomb Jack inspired 18+ game.
Mono 8 - Black and White exploratory platformer.
Nano Games - Collection of highly accessible one-switch games.
One Armed Bandit - Fruit Machine.
Pac-Man Pachinko - Not pure one-switch - but with support a fun hybrid game.
Peggle - Not pure one-switch either - but fun bagatelle type game.
Project Ice Cube - Hard platform game.
Strange Attractors 2 - One of the finest one-switch games ever.
Sunny Day Sky - Gorgeous on-line one-switch flying mouse game playing with traffic.
Switch Friendly Games - Commercial traditional games made switch accessible.
The Rat Race - Life summed up in a one-switch race game.
TBA-2 - Fun catch and throw race game.
TIG Duels for Extraordinary Gentlemen - Two player fencing.
Top 10 One Switch Games - My favourites from the library.
Tower Bloxx - Tower building game.
Whacka-Monty-Mole - Whack-a-Mole game.
Whack-a-Mole - William Pilgrim fun whack-a-mole game.
Wizard Battle - Fantasy war battle for one or two players.
Wobble Bob - Platform game.

Favourite Other Posts from 2009

Accessible Gaming in 1981
Design Tips - Accessible Gaming guidance for designers.
PS3 Accessibility - The madness of many modern games.
1975: Steeplechase - First ever one-switch game?
In the Pipeline - Some fun stuff to come...

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Last One-Switch Games for 2008

Green Thingy - abstract green-glowy one-switch game.Last minute 2008 one-switch additions to the game library:

"Green Thingy" - Abstract mock vector-scan platform game.
"Blood Bath" from - One man one-switch army.
"Mario Dash" from - Wonderful Super Mario rejig.
"Whack-a-Mole" - William Pilgrim fun whack-a-mole game.
"Wizard Battle" from Foppygames - Fantasy war battle for one or two players.

Have fun!

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Floating Solipsist

Merry Christmas/Seasons Greetings and a happy and hopefully peaceful 2009 to all around the world.

One Switch Darts: Bullseye!

Image of a Dartsboard.Click to Play! Download here for off-line play. Alternative Darts at Papunet. Added to Switch Sports Games. More to follow including some game ideas.

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RR2008: Whacka-Monty-Mole

Whacka-Monty-Mole - Image of a Whack-a-Mole style game.With four supported interface modes - comedy violence is now within everyone's reach! Whacka-Monty-Mole can be played with one-switch (auto-aim), two switches (scan and whack) and mouse with or without auto-hammer (for touch-screen, eye-tracker and head-tracker play).

This is a real gem from the Retro Remakes Game For Helen Category. Three difficulty levels, three styles of play (arcade, endurance and whack-a-light) bring extra life to this arcade classic. Wonderful music and graphics make this a must-play for all one-switch and eye-tracker gamers.

Stu and Smila of Ovine By Design have really stepped up to the plate here. Thank you!!!

Oh - and with a little synchronicity - William Pilgrim sent me a fun little one-switch Whack-a-Mole game a while back that I've just uploaded. Find both games at the One Switch Library in the Arcade area.

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Zapp! You're Pregnant

Image of a young child pressing a blue illuminated switch to affect a video art installation. The artist Jaygo Bloom made use of one of my illuminated accessibility switches earlier this year in his video installation "Zapp! You're Pregnant". His work was held at the Glasgow Science centre this year from May - Nov 2008 and was an interactive flash video piece controlled with one-switch. You can see more on the show and other artists work here. Be warned - some of the work is very graphic.

Related to this, I really recommend a peek at which is a Pandora's box of Jaygo's flash-based art work. You'll find some wonderful retro gaming themed works there too - "Tabla Pong" anyone?


D.I.Y. Switch Adapted Playmobil Train

Switch Adapted Playmobil Train.Thierry Danigo kindly pointed me in the direction of his RNT blog post on switch adapted Christmas gifts. Everything around the Christmas tree is switch accessible including the Playmobil Train. RNT have a French D.I.Y. switch adaptation guide on this train set which is quite easy to follow thanks to the clear pictures.

Added to the OneSwitch D.I.Y. Guide.

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RR2008: A Sliding Puzzle For Helen

A Sliding Puzzle For Helen. First up from the Retro Remakes Game For Helen category comes "A Sliding Puzzle For Helen" by The Caffeine Kid. Written in 18 hours, I'll pass you over to the README:

"...a sliding blocks puzzle game just like the ones you used to have when you were a kid - those annoying things that tended to get you frustrated until you smashed them up.

This new remake is a one switch game and hopefully assessible to lots of people who might not have been able to get wound up by these "games" in the past. The game can be completely controlled with the "space bar".

A photo is cut into sections which are shuffled about and you have to arrange the pieces again to complete the photo and put it back to it's original correct order.

The classic version of this is 4x4 with blocks numbered from 1-15 and I was never very good at solving them really.

This version has four different difficulties from 4x4 upto a brain-melting 10x10 with 99 blocks that will need to be reordered."

Brain melting is right, especially with some of the photos included. A great thing is that it's possible to replace the images with your own (640x480 JPEGs). A real challenge, and fantastic really considering it was written in a day and a half.

Download: A Sliding Puzzle For Helen.

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BBC Radio 4 - "Toys for children with disabilities"

You and Yours: BBC Radio 4 - Switch Toys and Games. Radio 4's You and Yours programme featured a much appreciated Christmas slot on accessible toys and games today. You can presently listen to this on the interweb by clicking the play symbol or the Radio 4 picture above.

Excitingly for me, journalist Geoff Adams-Spink visited OneSwitch, where I got to show off a few of my favourite games. You'll hear me using the foot pedal from Rock Band (although any switch would have done) to play Whacka-Monty-Mole and Aurikon through the switch interface of a Dream Gamer unit. I also got in a moan off about the lack of accessibility features in main-stream games, so that was good!

This all ties up to a recent BBC News web article on Accessible Toys and interview with Mike Taylor of Excitim at AbleGamers. I must thank Geoff, Mike and AbilityNet for helping to make this happen. Nice one.

Oh - and I must finally thank Retro Remakes. Without them they'd be very few one-switch games of quality to show off.

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Access Controller - Video Review

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Retro Remakes Compo 2008: The Games Are Ready

Retro Remakes 2008 Competition.The deadline has passed on the Retro Remakes Competition 2008 with nearly 50 games making it through. Eight have been finished for the Game for Helen category. They are: Whack-a-Monty, Sliding Puzzle For Helen, Carnival 1980, Ropor, BattleZone, 21st Century Frog, The Factory and Letter Blaster. Reviews of the best to follow soon...


Glow Graffiti

Glow Graffiti. Very cool new product from The Glow Company: Glow Graffiti. It consists of a reactive board, UV light and torch. Wondering if a switch adapted torch would offer a way in for one-switch artists with support to direct the beam.


Good Stuff at AbilityNet

AbilityNet logo.The AbilityNet charity are behind some great new drives to get accessible toys and games out there. Take a look at the following:

Accessible Toys and Adapted Video Games Controllers: DreamGamer gear now stocked and sold by AbilityNet. Great video here at the Guardian.

AccessAT: £16.99 will buy you a Memory Stick full of accessibility utilities. This includes tools for the blind, for people with Dyslexia, and those with physical disabilities. There's open source and freeware screen readers, magnifyers, screen tinters and more.

AccessFUN: £16.99 will buy you a Memory Stick full of fun games, stories and activities. AbilityNet are also offering a bundle with a switch interface. Link added to the OneSwitch Accessible Gaming Shop.

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Game Switch - SwitchedOn Games

Large illuminated switch - SwitchedOn Games Danny Flint of SwitchedOn Games has created a really nice looking controller for his one-switch bowling game and other accessible gaming projects. It uses some arcade parts and takes it's key from the illuminated switch D.I.Y. guide here. You can pick up the "Jumbo Dome Button" from Happ in the USA and Arcadeshop in Europe.


One Armed Bandit

One Armed Bandit cartoon flash game. Whilst doing a little research for the ATE Arcade I came across this on-line One Armed Bandit that may appeal as a pure cause and effect activity. Position your mouse over the handle and set your switch to click. The machine is quite annoying being quite happy to call you a looser and worse. There is a facility to position your mouse over the "Shut Up" red button. Click on there to whack the machine with a baseball bat. All a bit 10-year old boy I think you'll agree but quite gratifying for a short while.

Download here to play in your browser off-line and full screen.

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Ouch Christmas Podcast

Ouch Podcast presenters - Mat Fraser and Liz Carr. The excellent Ouch Christmas Podcast has just been uploaded:

"It's party time with our hosts Mat Fraser and Liz Carr. An especially festive podcast featuring the Christmas party quiz. Our special studio guest is Luke Hamill (that new disabled actor in Casualty), and Rob Crossan brings us unusual legends, including why Santa's dad was disabled! Plus, some far too open and honest discussion from our presenters, and even a carol from the students at a blind school. Best enjoyed with a mince pie and some mulled wine (drunk responsibly, of course!)".


Digital Audio Player & Recorder

Green and White digital recorder. Talking Products have just released their most powerful Digital Audio Player and Recorder. You may be aware of Talking Products from their excellent Talking Tins. This unit can play MP3, WAV and WMA files from the go and LCD screen with names and easy to use buttons. Looks like a definite candidate for a switch adaptation D.I.Y. project.

Oh - and best of all it's really cheap - costing just a little over £30 delivered (use for a currency conversion).


In the Pipeline

Image taken from the title screen of a 1983 C64 Taskset game - Super Pipeline. I am a geek.
There's a number of exciting one-switch projects in the pipeline. Here's some of them to whet your appetite:

Retro Remakes 2008 Competition: Deadline 23:59 (GMT) on the 13th December 2008.
One Button Dragon's Lair: Latest William Pilgrim project.
Fishing Girl: Game Prototyping Challenge. Interesting trippy test game here.
Mystic Mine: Multi-player one-switch game for up to six players.

Rock Band: One Switch adaptations and PC uses.
ATE Arcade: With close links to 4Noah gaming utilities.

Powerpoint one-switch assistant: Making control over powerpoint stories and presentations easier for one-switch users.

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Mighty Jill Off

Image of the Mighty Jill in Gimp gear - staring up at an ominous looking tall tower on a moonlit night.Mighty Jill Off is a 3-button game - with a a one-switch little sister. Produced via the ever so slightly warped mind of Auntie Pixelante - proceed with caution. This is an 18+ game so I won't go into too much detail here. All I will say is that the one-switch incarnation is a hugely addictive spin on arcade classic Bomb Jack. Still haven't cracked 2 minutes yet.

For one-switch adult gamers - set your switch to the SPACE BAR (or almost any other key). One tap to jump - rapid taps to flap. For gamers unable to trigger rapid presses one solution may be to have this as a two-switch game. One switch triggering the SPACE BAR - and the second switch triggering rapid-fire CTRL presses (via JoyToKey).

Via: OddBob with thanks.

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HelpKidzLearn - New Switch Activities

Image of three on-line activities from HelpKidzLearn. The excellent on-line resource HelpKidzLearn have just released three highly accessible activities: Advent Calendar - Mosaic Painter - Hoop Stars.

I particularly like the latter two. Makes me wish for two things. A fully switch accessible light-synthesiser and a really good switch accessible art-package. If anyone fancies taking on such a project - please get in touch.

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More Links

Accessible Gaming continues to gather momentum as a movement. Here's some more articles and bloggers:

The Able Gamer - a really impressive blog run by disabled gamer Brian Papineau.
The Age Blogs - Screen Play: Disabled Gamers - good article with enthusiastic comments thread.
Wolf Geek Blog - Mac and PC games reviewed from a disabled gamer's perspective.

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