Juegos Atención Temprana

Interactive Frog. There's a solid range of games aimed at very young kids with accessibility in mind at the Juegos Atención Temprana Blog.

From their tagged "Cause and Effect" posts I discovered the delightful Frog at for which you'll need a microphone and just your voice or something to make a sound with to interact with. Click the frog above to play.

Update: Find a few more like this over at TLWMSN Blog.

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Namco Rehabilitainment Glimpses

Namco Rehabilitainment Glimpses - Image of a group of elderly Japanese people playing drums alongside a Taiko Drummer video game
Image of an elderly person playing a form of whack-a-mole but with their feet. Namco Bandai's Hustle-Club have recently posted some fascinating videos of their 'Rehabilitainment' equipment in use with elderly people. Worth nothing that Namco have been at this kind of thing long before Nintendo's Wii arrived. Surely we need more Namco themed old people's homes!?


Game Accessibility Sites

Image from the film Aliens doctored to read 'It's Not Game Over, Man!' - cribbed from the excellent
Lucky Dip Game Accessibility Supporters and their top Accessible Gaming Sites lists (USA)
Ability Powered Gaming
Adapted Video Games Pinterest board
APAM Games (Spain)
CapGame (France)
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Let's Project ( (Japan) and Blog (UK)
The Machine Operated Gamer (USA)
UK AT News Gaming section (UK)
Unstoppable Gamer - Games galore reviewed for accessibility.
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Accessible Gaming Charities

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Stack-up Org (USA)
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Blind Accessible Gaming Focussed (USA)
AppleVis Directory of Apple Games accessible for visually impaired (Holland) (International) (France)
OneSwitch Audio Game posts (UK)

Board and Table Top Gaming

64 Ounce Games Make adaptations to table top games (USA)
Meeple Like Us Table top accessibility reviews (International)
The Geeky Gimp (USA)

Contacts in Game Companies Interested in Game Accessibility

Apple Accessibility - primarily via
Google Accessibility - or e-mail directly (USA and International)
Microsoft Accessibility (USA and International)
Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility and Accessibility (USA)
Sony Accessibility and Usability (International)
Xbox Ease of Access and Accessibility (USA)

Bryce Johnson on Twitter a great contact at Xbox.
Karen Stevens on Twitter likewise at EA Accessible.
Mark Friend on Twitter likewise at Sony (also via mark.friend [@]

Deaf Accessible Gaming Focussed

One Odd Gamer Girl (USA)

Game Accessibility Web Shops and Adaptation Help

Accessible Gaming Shop - a huge range of AG gear from around the world.
Broadened Horizons
64 Ounce Games Make adaptations to table top games (USA)
TADQ - adaptations service (Queensland, Australia)

Game Accessibility Forums Forum
Facebook Games for the Disabled (private group).
Reddit Disabled Gamers Forum.

Mental Health in Gaming Focussed

One Odd Gamer Girl (USA)

Programming Help

Switch accessible game programming help and general programming resources.
Guidelines and advice on Accessible Game Design via the OneSwitch blog.
Game Accessibility Guidelines posts via the OneSwitch blog.


Just One Hand (France).

Archived Game Accessibility Sites

Assistive Gaming - Apple Mac accessible gaming.
Avoclic - French PDF document on one-switch games.
COGAIN - Gaze controlled games.
Deaf Gamers (UK)
e-Bility - Links page.
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Eye Tracking Update
Funka Tema Spel - (Sweden)
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Gamerazzi written by disabled/enabled gamers (International)
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Help You Play
l337epixx (UK)
Monkey Gaming
NAMCO Hustle Club
One Soft - Japanese page on one-switch games.
Pin Interactive
Retro Remakes plus coding resources (UK)
Reseau Nouvelles Technologies Blog and Archived Posts (France)
Robert Florio and Game Accessibility page (USA)
Speciaal Onderwijs En Ict
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The AGRIP Project
The Gaming Kitsune
TMF (Iceland)
UA-Games - Universal Access games including the most inaccessible game ever.
VDVC GA-AG (Germany)
Without Wheels community site created by Paul Willey (USA)

Archived Forums:
Able Gamers Forum, Apparelyzed accessible gaming forumCOGAIN Eye Tracker Forum, IGDA GASIG Forum, SpecialEffect Accessible Gamebase Forum.


My Breath My Music

The video above was taken from My Breath My Music's YouTube channel. Nice gear, and a bit Vangelis like in performance I thought. Would love to use that with Skoogmusic sound technology.


Switch Accessible Toys and Gadgets

Switch Adapted Toy: Head Full of Numbers. I've made a small update to the OneSwitch shop under "Rest of the World" to add links to others stocking switch accessible toys and gadgets. Alongside the excellent Excitim who have just won the inclusive award Good Toy Guide for 2009 are a number of other established favourites.

Happily I discovered and included Independent Life Technologies whilst on a hunt for switch accessible Yahtzee! They are new to me, and have a slew of great looking accessible games and gizmos, some completely unique to them.

Don't forget also that if you can't afford it or if no one is building it Do It Your Self adaptations offer an alternative and are often not too tricky.

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RJ Cooper Modified Joypads

RJ Cooper has just added to his excellent range of inexpensive adapted joypad controllers for modern games consoles. Freshly added to the various section of the Accessible Gaming Shop.

The "Quad Button Box" pictured allows for play without the need to grasp the controller thanks to level surface access to the shoulder controls and non-slip backing.

Non RJ Cooper but related - for those interested in one-handed controls, I've noticed that Pad Fynder have a release date for their fascinating looking No Limit Pad of Saturday August the 1st.

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One Step Closer?

Image of The Near Future Lab's Playstation ControllerThis looks promising. The Near Future Laboratory created a way to control a Playstation via Ardunio circuitry. Does this mean that a PC could be used to control a Playstation? I've long hoped for something like Sensory Software's "The Grid 2" running on a PC/Mac having the ability to support disabled people to play games console games.

I like the idea of being able to connect and mix up what ever methods of control you need, then having software assist you with controls you struggle with, to play games on any modern games console. And why stop there? Why not anything you can interface with in a wireless manner.

Game developers in the main seem to remain ignorant as to the importance of offering a way for gamers to reconfigure their controls. Annoying. This sort of thing could offer a real solution for many.



Image of Earth from the Moon in July 1969. "In July 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong's 'giant leap for mankind' was watched by millions of people around the world.

The BBC's aerospace correspondent at the time, Reg Turnill, reported on the Apollo 11 launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and later from mission control near Houston.

He is now retired, but here - with the help of archive material from the mission, and the US and UK number one records from that week - he recalls how Nasa rose to the challenge of putting man on the Moon. " - Via the BBC.

One Switch Karate for Two Players

Image of the film poster from Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon. Graeme Singh has made a superb update to Way of the Exploding Hand 2 in adding a two-player mode. Now two players, both using their own switch, can fight against one another. It's possible to adjust your clothing and also the range of moves that you can launch. Lovely job!

If you like WOTEH2 I recommend giving TIG Duels a try too. Worth a look too is the Disability Martial Arts Association, in the UK that Graeme made me aware of.

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Hardware Modders and Hackers Needed

Image of Anwar Mahmood designed accessible controller. On a fairly regular basis I receive e-mails from disabled gamers wanting to be enabled gamers. Requests for a controller to be modified or as in the case of Anwar Mahmood built from scratch are common:

"Hi I came across your site via yahoo search and am very interested in having a joystick made as i suffer from heredotary motor sensory neuropathy which has paralysed my fingers and thumbs, which has made gaming difficult. I have attached a rough sketch of a joystick i would like made to help me play games more easily.

The joystick was planned with the xbox 360 in mind but really i would like if the joystick can be compatable with any console. Let me explain how the layout of the joystick is, on the top is a stick which represents the D pad and the 2 buttons on each side in blue are macro buttons or combo buttons. (I hope you do combo buttons lol). The 2 sticks on either side are the anologue sticks which i would also like to be able to push down and use as buttons just like on the xbox 360 joypad. The anologue sticks should be similar in force when pressed down as the xbox 360 joypad.

The 4 coloured buttons in between the anologue sticks represent the X Y B A buttons found on the xbox 360 joypad and the 2 grey buttons on each side of the green button represent the LB and RB found on the xbox 360 joypad. I would like these 6 buttons in between the sticks to be 2inches. Lastly the 3 buttons at the bottom of the joystick represent the select button, the X button found on the xbox 360 joypad and the start button. I would like the start and the select button to be 1 inch and the x button to be 1.5inch. Also the 2 combo buttons at the top should be of 1 inch each.

I look forward to your reply. Thanks in advance."

Sometimes I can help, even if it's just pointing people to the "Tailor Made Game Controllers" section at OneSwitch. Sometimes I wish I could help more. This controller is beyond my abilities, but if there's anyone out there who thinks they can help, please get in touch.

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Switch Accessible Scalextric Slot-Cars

I've long been sitting on switch accessible Scalextric, but I'm finally very close to having a D.I.Y. guide ready to go up on-line. The nice thing about modern 'Sport' Scalextric is that with a pair of variable power supplies, you can adjust the speed of both cars to suit the abilities of the player. Magnetic cars prevent the cars constantly flying off the tracks which is handy too.

There's also two ways to play using a single switch - Full Speed On/Off or Coast/Boost mode. More to come soon. Meanwhile you can view another YouTube video here.

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And Relax...

Image of Konami's 1983 Track and Field - tweaked to mention the British 10K Run.Last Sunday was the British 10K London Run where amongst the tens of thousands of runners, I was one of eleven running for Special Effect.

The sun came out, my random iPod played "Being Boiled" and my head turned into a beetroot, but I kept running and didn't stop till I got to the end. There was a lovely atmosphere and it was great to run along the Thames cheered on by my family.

Thanks so much to everyone who has sponsored me. Including the cash raised off-web I exceeded my target of £400. Ta very much all! You're all bloomin' marvellous. Now slowly back to OneSwitch stuff...


Star Guitar - The Chemical Brothers


Eye Controlled Race Game

Ralph Baer Interviewed at AbleGamers

Ralph Baer c. 1972Ralph Baer is one of the key driving exponents behind the birth of video gaming. He developed the first ever commercially available home games console, the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972. AbleGamers interview the man and talk about gaming past, present and future. He comes across as a really affable bloke with a still fertile fervent mind.

After reading this and if finding this as your cup of tea then I recommend reading Vintage Computing's interview of Atari founder Nolan Bushnell for a little balance. Worth noting too William Higinbotham's 1952 "Tennis For Two".

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British 10K London Run

Image of Track & Field by Konami. Just wanted to say thank you very much to everyone who has sponsored me so far for the British 10K run. I'm trying to raise £400 for one of my favourite charities, Special Effect, and their Game for Helen project. I'm 40 quid shy of the total so if you're feeling flush, please sponsor me here.

Training fell to bits for a couple of months after a nasty virus followed by a chest infection and blah blah blah. However, I've restarted in earnest. Ran through my local fields the other night up to the church cemetry (beautifully illuminated) then back again racing against the failing light. Bit of a mistake I realised when I couldn't tell weeds from ruts from horse manure. Knees all okay though which is amazing.

Update: Managed a 9km run last night - the best I've done for 20 years. Starting to believe that I will make it.


Doubting Thomas

'Doubting Thomas' by Mark Tansey - Sepia painting of a man examining a crack in the road that his Jaguar car straddles, door open with female companion and driver looking on concerned. Game Set Watch published a piece recently by Leigh Alexandra entitled 'Analysis: Can Nintendo Take 'Accessibility' Too Far?'. It questions if accessibility features spoil gaming. A depressing stand point and one that I feel misinterprets what greater accessibility can really mean.

Info with thanks to: Scott McKay




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