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Image of a 3 by 2 grid of square photos. Each photo is of a different music act or theme tune. These images include Alison Moyet, The Killers and Scooby Doo. Beneath these are two navigation arrows (left and right) and a pointer clickable area. Switch Music is a really good idea. It has an interface much like most coin-operated touch-screen video jukeboxes, but can be controlled with a single switch too. Just hover over the "pointer" clickable area, set your switch to trigger a left-mouse click, and away you go.

It makes use of some YouTube videos, some of which are no longer available. Would love to see a user-definable version of this soon.

Via: TLWMSN Blog and added to my Switch Accessible Music area.

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Brett Domino uses Trabasack: He's Bringing Sexy Back!

Never thought I'd see that! Trabasacks are fantastic multi-purpose lap-tray and bag in one, great for many switch users. Brett Domino is just pure Northern fun.

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Electronic Soup Podcast: Audio Games

Image of bold black text that reads Special Effect Electronic Soup Podcast. A can labelled 'Game Base condensed electronic soup' is plugged into the wall off screen surrounded by two large sub-woofer speakers.The "Access Collective" is a new podcast which brings together a slew of accessibility-bods including myself representing the Accessible GameBase and OneSwitch. No surprises, we're doing the accessible gaming bit.

This month's item is part one of two on Audio Games. Aimed at blind and visually impaired people, I found that I also really benefitted from audio games, after getting pink-eye so badly after swimming in strong chlorine, that I couldn't look at my monitor for a few hours.

Like many games that are highly accessible, they can be fun for all kinds of people. You'll also hear just how far speech synthesis has come since the days of Speak and Spell. Listen on...

You can stream or download the podcast at Podbean.com and iTunes, get a transcript here and learn a little more here.

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Skoogmusic: SOLD OUT

Image of a flyer from Skoog music that reads: music for every one. Tactile. Play. Intuitive. Fun. Spring 2010 update. Image of a cube like skoog in outline with musical instuments bursting from it's domed sides. I received the very fantastic news that Skoog music have all sold out. No worries, more are due in this month. On top of this, some fantastic developments appear to be just around the corner. The following taken straight from their newsletter:

"We've got big plans here at Skoogmusic. Keep an eye out for the launch of our brand new website in mid-April. Here you'll find far more detailed product information, user guides and support information, downloads and a brand spanking new skoog community forum where fellow skoog players can share and exchange lesson plans, ideas, tips, events, user files and settings, as well as recordings of own skoog compositions."

I'm also hoping to build an Accessible Music Shop in the near-ish future, where I hope to sell Skoogs too.

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Accessible Adapted Rock Bands on eBay

Image of Harmonix Rock Band kit of Guitar, Drums and Microphone. A red one-switch symbol and Special Effect logo surround the gear. To (hopefully) help boost my fundraising for SpecialEffect I've donated both of the Rock Band kits I adapted for switch use and put them up for sale on eBay. One is for the Playstation 2 and one is for the Xbox 360. They're unique and not just for use with the various Rock Band games, but can also be used with JoyToKey to play on the likes of the Guitar Shred Show.

Send me an offer over £50 if you fancy a set of accessible drums and guitar and a kit may end up being yours.

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Zogan's Log - 3D one-switch game

Image of your disc shaped futuristic craft within the game Zogan's Log. Sitting on a patch of psychedelic scrub land. Bright blue laser bursts have been scattered out in an arc from your craft.Zogan's Log is a rare thing. A 3D game with some depth that is designed to be played with one-button / one-switch. A glimpse of the future on one-switch gaming, perhaps?

Gamevial were nice enough to get in touch to ask for accessibility thoughts, and even nicer to implement the suggestions (especially a slower spin option). Full review over at the Accessible GameBase. (Bad pun approaching alert): Give it a whirl!

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And here I go flying down the steps

Image of Poppies by 'Djinnga' at http://tiny.cc/Rb8Du.

And here I go flying down the steps -
Almost in somersaults - as in a dream.
And the day is springlike to the point of madness,
And the yard with its streets is - springlike!
And there is no salvation
From the storming devil in me.
Oh, how urgently I need to go
There where it's bluer than blue -
To splash in the puddles by the faucet
To frighten the pigeons away from the eaves!
How rapidly they change places -
Step, bound, leap -
The cold resonance of the doorway
And the sudden burn of the sky!
And there's a smell of tomcats and hops
From the dried flagstones.
And I pant with April
And shout to my brother - 'You look miserable!'

[Kiev, 1980] - Irina Ratushinskaya




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