Links Mish-Mash

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Too many links, and not enough time to do them justice. Here's part one of your links lucky-dip selection...

Multi-Toe Interaction YouTube video.
Invisible Mouse YouTube clip.
EASe - Games aimed at people on the Austistic Spectrum. Web-site's a bit drab, but interesting concepts.
AblePlay - Toys rated for accessibility in a searchable database.
Accessible Xbox 360 Controller - Designed by Gavin Philips and made by Ben Heck for a guy with Musular Dystrophy.
Sexuality and Learning Disabilities - A book packed with empathetic and human advice.
Visit Salem - A Video Travelogue game from
Barcelona Conference Presentations - Many wonderful Game Accessibility links.
AbleNet Switch Toys - Switch scissors and other bits and bobs.
Links via: Gavin Philips, Javier Mairena, Sandra Uhling, Sheri Rubin, Tim Chase


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