Good Bye 2011 - Happy New Year 2012

Happy new year, world! Hope 2012 is a more peaceful and less destructive one.

D.I.Y. Muscle Control Sensors

"Advancer Technologies' USB Biofeedback Game Controller harnesses the power of electromyography to allow players to directly control video games with their muscles."

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Hollis Brown Thornton
Drivey screenshot. Dusk driving through an industrial area.

Drivey is a proof of concept demo, but it is gorgeous and a pleasure. It reflects a stylised version of driving, and aims to replicate the ease of driving when you get into a comfortable head-space and environment.

It achieves this with auto-steering and cruise-control, which I think is a unique and brilliant accessibility design feature. If you let go of your controls, the car will drive itself. You can choose when to overtake, speed up or slow down or go off-road. You can switch off the traffic if you wish and even the colision detection. You can drive using two switches alone for LEFT and RIGHT.

The most recent demo (0.15) has no sound, but 0.13 has. For more accessible design ideas for the ultimate in accessible driving see the IGDA GASIG Top 3 and the SpecialEffect Wish List for Accessible Game Design.

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102 Switch Swearing Machine (18)

The Periodic Table of Swearing.

Above is the Clay Interactive built "Periodic Table of Swearing" made for Modern Toss. It's been a bad month for good taste on the OneSwitch blog. My apologies. But who wouldn't love giving that a go at the Science Museum? A one-switch version would be a doddle with Switch Mixer Lite and bundles of recording patience. I won't be doing that though.

Never Be Normal

1950's looking image of a man with foru eyes, with the text Never Be Normal near by.

Good advice via adski-kafeteri.


Christmas at Specialbites

Specialbites Switch Accessible Christmas. Image of a snowman, a red 'Go' button and the text, Use a mouse, touchscreen, spacebar or switch to play.

I don't know quite what to make of Specialbites's collection of eight switch accessible Christmas activities. They're a little bit odd. One is of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer getting scared by a possessed Christmas tree, then poo-ing in a toilet. Another is of a magic tree firing cannon balls at a cloud of brussel sprouts. Another is Rudolph starting a fire, melting a snowman whilst staring and grinning. Often there's a mad echoing laugh, or funeral march version of Away in a Manger.

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When the Wind Blows


New Wave Virtual Reality

Apparently all filmed in one take using various projectors, object mapping tech and a PS3 move controller linked to camera movement. I've seen this kind of thing before on a much smaller scale from Johnny Chung Lee. This though looks like the second coming of Virtual Reality. Can't wait! Hope it doesn't make me motion sick.


After playing it for the first time at Replay Expo 2011 I decided to have another go at getting Konami's one-switch laser-disk game Badlands working on my laptop. Using the latest version of the Daphne emulator (v1.0), it worked!

It turns out that Daphne now helps you download everything you need to play without too much hassle at all. So, what's the game like?

Well, beyond needing a separate start button, the entire game is designed to be played with a single button to shoot. That includes entering your initials on the high-score table. Playing in a real cartoon is amazing for a while, but this game requires lightening fast reactions. It also requires a fair bit of patience in learning at what often obscure point you should actually fire.

If you do stick at it, and you have the reaction speed, it's an enjoyable and unique one-switch game. I definitely recommend setting your lives to the maximum level and using this help guide.

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Run! You [Rude Word]!

I'm getting prudish. RYF! is an exceptionally sweary one-switch side-scrolling game for PCs. Definitely one for parental guidance, and the guidance should be "no, you're not playing it. It's too rude."

I won't be cross-posting this at SpecialEffect, put it that way. But if you must play...

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El Duelo

El Duelo: Cartoon-ish image of a wild-west skeleton bandit shooting at you from within the doors of an old wooden Salon.

It's been a pleasure learning about Jose A Silva Ruiz's switch accessible work at and his blog. Jose is based in Mexico and seems to have a bit of thing for skeletons. Here's a little on his work... is hoped to offer a switch accessible web-interface to some of his new games, YouTube and more. It's a laudable project, and one I've seen promised before but not quite realised. Let's hope this one goes all the way.

El Duelo is a high-noon gun-fight set in a haunted Mexico. As soon as your opponent draws, fire using the space bar. All dialogue and text is in Spanish which really adds to the Spaghetti Western feel. Requires fast reactions.

Penales is a penalty shoot out game. This one requires mouse use at the menu stage unfortunately, but game play is fun for those with good or lucky timing. Press the space bar when the spinning indicator is in the green to score. There's also a duck in goal version.

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Playstation 2 One-Switch Generation

Image of a Sony Dual Shock with the 'X' button highlighted.

This post is cribbed from the SpecialEffect Accessible GameBase: Last week we were approached asking if we would recommend a Wii or a Playstation for a young lad with Cerebral Palsy. He uses an Able-Net Big-Red type switch to play some Help Kidz Learn games and has also shown interest in web-cam activities.

That tipped me into thinking a Playstation 2 would likely be the best bet. Ideally one of the old fat ones that will work with the majority of accessible controllers.

Here's a list of the PS2 compatible software we recommend anyone with similar needs takes a look at (listed in degree of accessibility for the player, once a helper has set things up):

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