Playstation 2 One-Switch Generation

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This post is cribbed from the SpecialEffect Accessible GameBase: Last week we were approached asking if we would recommend a Wii or a Playstation for a young lad with Cerebral Palsy. He uses an Able-Net Big-Red type switch to play some Help Kidz Learn games and has also shown interest in web-cam activities.

That tipped me into thinking a Playstation 2 would likely be the best bet. Ideally one of the old fat ones that will work with the majority of accessible controllers.

Here's a list of the PS2 compatible software we recommend anyone with similar needs takes a look at (listed in degree of accessibility for the player, once a helper has set things up):

1. EyeToy (PS2)


Webcam games for the PS2. The EyeToy Play and EyeToy Play 2 games both have a "Play Room" area which are zero pressure experimental areas. Position the camera to a part of the body that moves and then play freely. Hugely accessible.

2. Destruction Derby (PSone, PS2 and PS3 via PSN).


Banger racing and huge fun. At its easiest in the time-trials on an oval track. "X" is the accelerator and is all you need to get around the track. More advanced players can jam the accelerator on and use a single button to steer in the most useful direction. Use the !DAMAGE! name cheat to become invincible.

3. Fruit Machine Mania (PS2)


Parental guidance advised on gambling games. The "Sea Treasures" machine is a good point to play from, and can be played infinitely depending on how many of your allocated turns you risk. "X" to spin.

4. Pool Paradise International Edition (PS2*)


If you choose "Practice" and then "Trickshot" (or play any choice of table, quit, then select "convert to Trickshot") you can play in a non-pressurised and no-rules/make up your own rules style. Brilliant for games of Killer which is more fun and less violent than it sounds! A helper will need to help with aiming, perhaps by constantly varying left to right by small degrees on a chosen ball. You can buy a laser-aiming guide straight away from the shop, which helps quite a lot. Requires one-switch patched into "X" and Left-Analogue-Stick "UP".

5. KickBoxing KnockOut (PSone and PS2)


In two-player mode you can set a switch up as kick or punch (one of the shape buttons) to play against another opponent of similar ability. Each time you punch/kick you move a bit closer to your opponent to keep the action going.

6. Pinball: Ultimate Pro Pinball (PS2*)


Three modern pinball tables. Great fun for switch users who can tap fairly rapidly. We recommend choosing the "Big Race USA" or "Fantastic Journey" tables as you can adjust the slope and quality of the tables to slow the game down a bit. Ensure the easiest setting is chosen too if helpful. Requires one-switch patched into the flippers "L1" and "L2" and "X" for the plunger.

7. Dancing Stage (PSone and PS2*)


Most Konami Dancing Stage games (avoid DisneyMix) can be played with one-switch if all four shape buttons are patched together. The background graphics can be dimmed on many of these games, and on the easiest settings you are simply playing against your own best score or another player, as they will let you play the entire way through, no matter how many arrows you miss.

8. Everybody's Golf (PS2 and PS3)


Cute Japanese Golf game. Requires two accurately timed taps of the "O" button to play well. Ensure that the "Everybody's" golf club is selected and "Easy Mode" is selected.

9. Super Bust-A-Move 2 (PS2)


Colour matching game which will need a helper to deal with aiming duties, whilst the player uses "X" to launch different coloured bubbles when ready or when their timer runs out.

10. Um Jammer Lammy (PSone and PS2)


Loveable quirky cartoon rhythm based game.  Select the "EASY" level from the options screen. "X" to play your guitar (or any other shape button for team play which may make things easier). Very tough for a single player.

There may be more one-switch playable games out there, but we've yet to discover them for the PSone or PS2. There are a couple of wonderful music making titles, being Fluid and Music 2000 (for its "Music Jam" section) for the PSone/PS2 worth a look too.

We'd recommend local game stores that sell second hand games and eBay to track most of these games down (or we can help). As for the hardware needed to play them, please get in touch and we can give you some up to date advice.

* These games require patching connectors, which are normally supplied separately from a game controller. Only tested on a C-SID in this way for compatibility.

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