Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy.

Wonderful! Just what the world (well, my world at least) needs right now. Techni-colour comedy. My wife watched blankly but I love it. The muppets on LSD (the programme, not my wife and I!). Click on the image above to watch.

iOS Switch Mess

Two accessibility switches wirelessley connected to a switch interface plugged into an Apple iPad.

The popularity of the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad has led to a range of switch interfaces. But for as elegant as the likes of the it-iClick above may appear, things are a bit of a mess.

Kate Aherne has posted a break-down of much of what is currently available at the TLWMSN blog and a plea for greater access, echoed below:

"A Request to App Developers:

  • Please make your apps switch accessible.
  • Please demand that the makers of switch interfaces add non-proprietary switch settings to their interfaces (i.e. make all iOS switches/interfaces compatiable with all accessible apps and let customers choose your switch or interface based on the quality of construction and the design of the product not which one gets more bang for the buck in terms of which apps it controls).
  • When choosing non-proprietary switch setting to run your app consider using standard keystrokes that can be sent via a bluetooth keyboard (i.e. arrow keys, tab/enter), switch interface makers will eventually have to add these if you insist on them in your apps.
  •  Please be sure to make your apps auditory scanning as well as visual scanning."

TouchToKey? My hope is that Apple or some clever App developer, create a JoyToKey type facility as soon as possible. Something that allows users to assign keypresses to emulate an array of touches and gestures.

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The Year of the Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year and enjoy "Oriental Slur" by the talented Andy Blundell.


2012 New Excitim Switch Toys

Great to see Excitim adding more to their switch accessible toys and gadgets range for 2012. Lots more to come I've no doubt from this well respected firm.


Switch Toy Laser Gun

All pretty quiet on the blog front whilst I try to clear a back-log of jobs. Meanwhile, the lovely simple switch adaptation of a toy laser-gun above follows some other interesting work on the WimpleWinch1966 YouTube channel that usually grabs my switch-head interest.


2nd Thought (1980)




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