Ceefax was Here

I liked Teletext a lot, the free information service broadcast using analogue airwaves and converted into text on most British TVs. It's pretty much gone now. This was the people's internet long before most people got on-line. Prestel was more internet like, but barmy expensive. It brought colour-coded subtitles for programmes and instant-ish news, weather and entertainment.

It was how I discovered my eye-sight was getting worse (my brother mocked me for using the enlarge text option). It also had the funniest game site I've ever seen to date, Digitiser, which I still miss. Ah well, roll on the new wave.


Shut Up & Listen!

Shut Up and Listen!
The ‘Shut Up And Listen!’ Radio Show is an exciting new show that promotes music made by learning disabled musicians, from around the world.

Take a look at their Sound Cloud page for more music to listen to. Link via the Thurrock POINT blog.


MyndPlay: Fun Mind Games

Tug of War: Take on 5 of Britain's best in the ancient art of tug of war... but with a twist. Out Relax and Focus the competition to feed them dust. BEWARE: These guys are the masters of distraction!

London based MyndPlay have pulled off something I'd not experienced before Tuesday. Genuinely fun and enjoyable games for pure mind-control. Take a look around their App Store to get an idea, and keep an eye out for reviews at SpecialEffect's Accessible GameBase.

I'd love to see MyndPlay tie up with the genius Tim Hunkin as I'm sure the combination would be brilliant fun. I'd equally like to see Neurosky's Indiegogo campaign 'Trapped in my Mind' reach it's target, to support the development of mind controlled communication software.

Neurosky: Brain via Headset to Device


UK Accessible Travel

SAAB 900 Turbo with lights on zooming away.

For disabled people wishing to travel around the UK, there's some fantastic resources at the Thurrock POINT blog. These include the brilliant Traveline, Changing Places, Direct Enquiries and some top inclusive communication links.

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"Why Touch Screens Scare Me"

Christopher Hills speaks eloquently above on why the hype around Touch-Screen devices scares him. The likes of Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs broadly forget the needs of switch users and others who can't easily use a touch screen.

This is a frustration the likes of the Komodo Open Lab and others are trying to overcome, but the barriers seem so high that it's hard not to see these devices as incredibly disabling for some. I hope Apple especially wake up to this soon.

It's easy to see what is possible just by looking at some of Christopher's other videos such as his brilliant "One Switch. One Head. The World." video.

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Mates and Dates and Friends

Over on the fledgling Thurrock Point blog there's some top information on dating when disabled, especially so if learning disabled living in and around Essex. The post also includes a link to the Channel 4 programme The Undateables. Don't be put off by the title, as it's a really entertaining and human portrayal of a mix of fascinating characters trying to find love.

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Falling Through the Cracks

"SYMO went to find the 'people behind the headlines', those at the sharp end of cuts to their benefits and services. This powerful documentary highlights the worries disabled people face as the governments spending review begins to take effect."

The Hardest Hit Campaign
Disabled People Against the Cuts




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