Switch Accessible Drinks Dispenser

Switch adapted accessible drinks dispenser, set-up here to dispense Lemonade.

Simple drink dispenser imported from Japan, inspired by "moroQ" and switch adapted. Likely a complete one-off as so hard to find, so if you want it, now's your chance. 30 quid plus postage from the OneSwitch shop brand new old-stock and has never had liquid through it.

Bandai Orenchi Juice Stand box art.

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Basic PS3 Switch Interface

Switch adapted PS3 P3 red Joypad controller with two large able net switches connected to the L2 and R2 sockets.

Just sent out a "P3" marked PS3 wireless joypad, adapted for switch access to the shoulder buttons. This type of controller uses all digital contacts for all buttons, so is (in theory) easy to hook switches up to. They're very delicate in reality, so a very careful hand is needed with these when adapting. Seem great once done.

Thanks to Gav Tan for the tip about the P3.

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"Very Manly Computer Interface"

Love this video by Kurt Robinson of his "Very Manly Computer Interface". His set-up is designed to alleviate some of the pains caused by repetitive and fine motion, and I can honestly say I've never seen anything quite like it. Brilliant!

I was sorry though to be unable to help Kurt more with some X-keys switch interface issues he has been having. Certain dialogue buttons within Windows are not responding to switch input emulating keyboard and mouse input. Admin mode is not fixing this for him. Any ideas anyone?

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Tug the Table

Tug the Table - One switch (aka one button) game. Image of two shadow cartoon characters at either sides of a table they are holding onto in a room, poised to battle. The word READY? appears above their heads. A key for W or UP arrow indicates what button to press.

Tug the Table one switch accessible game. Image of both cartoon shadow characters. Red on the left is pulling from the floor, with balls about to scatter around it. Blue is jumping up in the air holding onto the table.

Tug the Table is a one-switch / one-button battle for one or two players by Otto Ojola. Try to drag your opponent into your side of the room to win a star. Win five stars to win the game and a dance in confetti.

Via: JayisGames.com - see also Wrestle Jump.

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My Carnival Needs Support

My Carnival hopes to become a video game for children with Cystic Fibrosis. If it reaches it's funding total, it will be released free of charge on PC. It's a laudable project, by the proven and brilliant AccessAble Games, but it needs support or it won't happen this way. 12 days to go at the time of writing...

Via: Javier Mairena on the IGDA GASIG mailing list. Poster below.

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The World is in Your Hands

Image of a two silhouetted figures looking up at a man on a hover chair flying by in the night sky.

This one-switch game by Jack le Hamster sees you in "the story of a paralyzed man who can only used his right hand." You fly his arm-chair from left to right, seeking to put some wrongs right in the world. Land in the right spot to give a person a lift then take them where they can do the most good.

Your control is the Space Bar to fly up and right-wards. Release to sink down and if over a level surface, land and stop. This does require a very high level of skill, but you can't die, and there's no time limit.

I am also impressed by the other two games also hosted at Dobuki.com being a manic one-switch chase game called OMGAF Dragon! and the point and click puzzle game World of Turtle which I think should be a great fit for eye-gaze play.

Via: Lundum Dare.

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The New Xbox: Brand New You're Retro

Circa 1982 Ken Yankelevitz adapted Atari VCS 2600 games console for improved accessibility. Discarded in a dusty looking garage along with old black and white portable monitor and stand.

The dusty old set-up above was a once loved Ken Yankelevitz adapted Atari VCS 2600 games console. Probably dating from 1982 this set-up features push button handsets using off the shelf arcade parts.

This sorry sight replicates the fate of a lot of old assistive gaming technology. If it won't connect to the next generation (in this case the Nintendo Entertainment System) then a completely new set of custom controls often need to be built. Expensive and rendering the old set-up redundant for many people after the latest in gaming.

Whilst many are looking forward to the new Xbox being revealed on Tuesday, I'm left thinking after the PS3 and Wii-U launch, can console game controllers get any more complex and disabling? Fingers crossed Microsoft will have given accessibility more thought this time around.


Radio On (1979)

Radio On (1979) by BFIfilms (18 certificate). One of my favourite films in full thanks to the BFI and Dailymotion. Love Always Crashing in the Same Car by Bowie and Kraftwerk are always wonderful.


Camera Mouse (2013)

Camera Mouse is FREE. Young boy controlling the mouse on his computer using his head alone.

Huge thanks to Eleanor and John Bannick of 7-128.com for re-pointing me to Camera Mouse. I was aware of this back in 2007, tried it, and I think duly forgot about it as it didn't work too brilliantly for me.

Well, I'm guessing some significant updates (and me having a better computer) have turned this into an absolutely brilliant utility. So simple to use from the go and effective. I'm very curious to see how well it works on top of the likes of Alt-Controller. Free as well.

Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop: Head, Mouth and Eye Control section.

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The Sensory Story Project - Kickstarter

Sensory book, with five symbols: An eye, an ear, a nose, a mouth, a finger.

Joanna Grace is the author of a range of accessible sensory stories, some of which have been published by Oxfam and Amnesty International. Joanna has created a Kickstarter project that hopes to create a carefully crafted range of affordable sensory stories to sell on-line.

The Kickstarter Sensory Stories project, if funded, aims to complete within seven months. Backers get all kinds of interesting rewards. This is a great project, well worth supporting.

Reminds me a little of this passage from Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums that I'm half-way through at the minute: "A real haiku's gotta be as simple as porridge and yet make you see the real thing, like the greatest haiku of them all probably is the one that goes 'The sparrow hops along the veranda, with wet feet.' By Shiki. You see the wet footprints like a vision in your mind and yet in those few words you also see all the rain that's been falling that day and almost smell the wet pine needles."

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A is for Autism

A is for Autism and Drew Taylor's Story are two short films that explain a little of what living with Autism is like. Brilliant.

Via: Thurrock POINT.

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One Button Cardboard Arcade

One Button Games cardboard arcade cabinet with smiley yellow switch.

Smiley Switch

One Button Games in cardboard D.I.Y. cabinet via Twitter: Kaho Abe

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Nod by Rose Abernathy, one-switch mini-dating sim. A pale blue cartoon image of a man and woman communicating. The woman faces the man and asks "Would you like to come?"

Nod by Rose Abernathy is a one-switch mini-dating sim. Simply nod at the right time to win a date. Such a simple but fun idea, and an amusing two-minute distraction. Created for the Lundum Dare "Minimalism" competition.

Via: IndieGames.com

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Floating sleepily around the web, and happy to see New Port State of Mind reinstated, I found The Wizard of Meh by Pogo. It rather tickles me.


Amazing PinInterest Collection

Lauren S. Enders Pinterest boards. Amazing accessibility boards.

Lauren S. Enders jaw dropping collection of Pinterest boards, sharing a staggering array of accessibility information. Hugely impressive.




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