Android Emulation and Accessible Gaming

FlappyBird from Gears 2013.

For GEEK 2014 I set up FlappyBird on a PC running the Android emulator BlueStacks with a single-switch set to left-click hovering over the Play button using a switch adapted Joypad and free software JoyToKey.

Flappy Birds by .DOT GEARS STUDIOS mashed up mid 80's Nintendo style, The Helicopter Game (, Williams' Joust and got the addictive balance (maybe too) right. It's seen massive popularity, cloning and has since been pulled from the iOS and Android Play stores by the owner (see happier days - bleaker days).

With a fairly meaty computer, and following BlueStacks help here, many of the Android apps on the Google Play store run well and are easy to install. Arty stuff like The Art of Glow work really nicely. From a one-switch perspective there are a slew of tap-to-play games, although most have messy interfaces. Some interesting ones include One Button Sports (great Tennis and Jet-Ski games), Vector Pinball (cool minimalist pinball), Past Memories (dark arty running game), Tower Bloxx, Jet Pack Joyride (with Barry Steakfries which reminds me a bit of Barry Shitpeas from Screenwipe) and loads more.

For anyone determined to get Flappy Birds working, and willing to run the risk of a virus, I found a version here. I used an APK installer from the Play store and sent the file to my Android devie using Gmail. At your own risk!

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