Searching for Track 'N' Trace [FOUND!]

I'm presently trying to find a copy of Track 'N' Trace from Graeme Singh for an eye-gaze user. I'm kicking myself for loosing my copy. I'm out of touch with Graeme, so I'm wondering if you're out there, or if anyone else has a copy they could send me, please? You can get in touch via this link or just leave a comment below.

I'm trying to rectify my oversight with this by preserving more of Graeme's work since his web-site closed down last year. Lots are up in the library, and until I get time to fully update, you can grab all I have via this Graeme Singh dropbox link for non-profit use only. Genius stuff for the PC.

UPDATE: I've manually found Track 'N' Trace v1.0 buried very deep on my hard-drive, and a few other Graeme Singh titles, that my PC automated searches couldn't find. Would love to get a newer version but chuffed to have found this.


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