Deep Under the Sky

Deep Under the Sky: Green botanical world. Yellow star and other worldly creatures.

Deep Under the Sky is a beautiful one-switch exploding seed propagation game. Initially, you require three taps: One to launch your seed pod out into a botantical world, Two to trigger a burst of momentum to change your direction. Three to explode into a short-range of scattered seeds.

The game requires very accurate taps to play well, and deeper into the game you'll need to also hold the switch down at key times. The Android version also throws up some Google Play alerts which kills the one-switch mechanic.

None the less, I love the design, and for one-switch players who can time their presses very accurately and quickly, I highly recommend this. If you're short on cash, the developers, Rich Edwards and Colin Northway, are also offering an Art to Play "cashless society" means for obtaining the game. 

Deep Under the Sky: Brown botanical world. Seed pod flying towards a blue mushroom like plant.

Deep Under the Sky: Green botanical world. Blue eyes look down upon the seed pod.

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