Android Switch Access and "iPad Toucher"

Great to see Android implementing switch access via Colin McDonnell's video above, although it looks like it needs improving. Great start though. When will consoles start to get some in-built access options out of the box, I wonder. Pretty shameful I think.

No idea if you can play many games using Android's scanning switch access like this, but I look forward to finding out. iOS is impossible.... unless you use the likes of's "iPad Toucher" which is very delicate and hard to obtain.

iPad Toucher found via @jalpsjp on Twitter.

iPad Toucher from Used to give better simple switch access to iOS devices. Used here to trigger a firework.

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2 Responses to 'Android Switch Access and "iPad Toucher"'

  1. # Anonymous thierry Danigo

    Android accessible by scanning mode : very great moment ! I discover so this document on Ablenet web site :
    Thanks so about Selfie stiks bluetooth. A good idéa to connect a swith. (I'm loocking for this product in France).  

  2. # Blogger

    Hi Theirry,

    I agree! Thanks for the link too. Good luck finding the Selfie Sticks. I've seen these in gadget shops in the UK. Easiest from eBay International sellers I think from China / Hong Kong.


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