Christmas One Switch Lucky Dip

c1ic tiny arcade. Black and white image of a 1970s computer style character playing a video game.

1970s black and white video game style base ball game, with a pitcher, batter and having hit a home run.

Darwin Gater platform one-switch one-button video game.

c1ic Arkanoid black and white game.

Switch N Shoot black and white old-style shooter.

Quick links due to little time, but wanted to some nice new little one-switch games and activities that have come my way.

Darwin Gater, Switch 'n' Shoot, c1ic Tiny Arcade and c1ic DJ Arkanoid. Also, Ian Bean's great new cause and effect activities created using Slideshow maker.


Wii U Accessibility

Image of a Maxgear cross fight, adapter "360 controller on Wii U". Metal plate with green plastic box underneath, with a Wii remote connector, next to a Wii U, Wii remote and Xbox 360 joypad.

For some SpecialEffect work, I've been asked if I can find a way to get a custom light-pressure PC based controller working on Wii-U to play Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Looks like the XCM Cross fight converter might do the trick if it will daisy chain to a Cronus Max / Titan One set-up.

This potentially means that a wide range of PC, Playstation 2, 3 and Xbox 360 controllers may end up compatible with the Wii-U in this way. This said, I've never actually played with a Wii U properly, but I'm going to be learning very soon.

The adapter is said to convert a wired Xbox 360 joypad (or equivalent) to act like a Wii U Pro Controller (the Wii joypad that looks like an Xbox 360 joypad). There's a list of supposedly compatible games on Wikipedia which looks like a pretty decent batch of games (plus its Wii compatible to some extent). My only worry is how compatible it will be, and how reliant on the Wii U Game Pad monstrosity. Fingers crossed as if it's possible, all the current range of game consoles and the previous will have some nice access solutions off the shelf.

[UPDATE: 4th Jan 2015] Good and bad news. Good news is that this works with the official Xbox 360 joypad, a Razer ONZA and quite a few Playstation 2 controllers through the PS2 to Xbox 360 adapter I tried. Bad news is that the Cronus Max, Titan One and XIM4 do not work.

Xbox 360 and other controls to Wii and Wii U console adapter
Xbox 360 mappings to Wii Controls

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Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays from OneSwitch

Teletext Merry Xmas / Christmas graphics. A dark blue and black snowing back ground with vivid green fern trees in the foreground and the words Merry Xmas animated in front.

Things are on a go slow at OneSwitch again until the new year. Many, many projects are on the back burner that I hope will come to boil in the new year. Need to focus to get them done and out there.

Projects include the One Switch 100 book which has turned up many amazing discoveries on the history of game accessibility so far especially in one switch games. Also I need to work more on one and two switch access to game consoles with the brilliant Clive Galway and William Pilgrim. There'll hopefully be more on emulation having cracked MAME issues and more access stuff in general. I'd like to share a few more bits that get worked on at SpecialEffect where I can. Loads of projects there including a really cool retro game accessibility showcase planned with Shaz Hossain for GEEK 2015 on Sunday the 22nd.

Anyway, all the very best to you all and I wish everyone a happy and hopeful time over Christmas / the holiday season and for the coming year. Cheers!

Image via: Dan Farimond and the lovely




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