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Quick digest of three bits of accessibility news that passed my way, numbered in Ukrainian for no particular reason...

1 (Odin): Blink access for free utility in development. 2 (Dva): Microsoft announce streaming facility to make Xbox One games accessible in Windows 10 and possibly thus accessible with a huge array of PC controls. 3 (Tri): Tobii announce tie-up with Ubisoft to make eye-tracking part of Assassin's Creed.

Programmer Adam Barnett sent me a link to his very promising work in progress Blink System, which you can see below. He hopes to give it away free when finished, and for it to be used with a standard web-cam. There's a way to go in development, and he'd much appreciate any feedback from people with an interest. Feel free to get in touch via OneSwitch or more directly via his YouTube channel.

Xbox One on Windows 10 laptops, tablets and beyond.

Microsoft recently announced that it will be possible to stream Xbox One games directly onto Windows 10 platforms. This could open the way for a wide range of PC accessible peripherals to interface with the Xbox One with minimal complexity in setting up. We'll see, but it's looking very hopeful.

Tobii are pushing their Windows PC EyeX Dev Kit at 99 Euros, and with it are highlighting this: "Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Rogue will feature eye tracking integration. This makes it the world’s first AAA game to [deliberately] incorporate eye tracking as a component of gameplay."

I'm not sure that this makes the game more accessible in anyway, it may make the game less accessible for people unable to use the traditional mouse and keyboard controls as it adds a further layer of complexity to the controls.... but if it leads to more eye-gaze technology in gaming technology, it could certainly bring the price down. And that would be good. Wonder if it will come with a mouse emulator built-in. N.B. The consumer version may be more expensive.

Tobii Eye-Gaze technology in gaming.

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