One Switch Nature Exploration: Proteus

As part of my One Switch 100 book (well behind schedule, but no surprise there), I have a short section on exploration with a single switch in video games.

Proteus by Ed Key and David Kanaga is first to go in. It's a beautiful game of freedom with little to no pressure. You can explore with complete independence with one-switch if you can understand the auto-scanning system. If not, you can use two switches, one-controlled by a helper and the other by the explorer.

I will create a PMLD friendly and PC version if anyone requests it. Switch users can grab the OneSwitch system to make it work here. All you need is a PC, switch, Titan One device and a PS3 with Proteus downloaded from the store.

UPDATE: seems to work with the least trouble on a 64-bit Win 7 or Win 8 machine. Have a fix for 32-bit though.... Not all switch interfaces pass through an event 1:1 (see here with an adapted impact switch interface which is 1:1). Presently the Tecla Shield can't be used with this system very well as it has some lag and forces a quick down-up activation of any control it is linked to. The nice people at Komodo Open Lab are looking into this though.

Proteus accessible gaming profile for playing with a single switch.

Beautiful pixelated scene of a meadow in evening sun in Proteus.

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Warfighter Engaged Custom Controllers

Warfighter Engaged custom accessible video game controller

Warfighter Engaged custom accessible video game controller

Warfighter Engaged custom joypad.

Warfighter Engaged custom accessible video game controller

Warfighter Engaged custom accessible video game controller

Hugely impressed by some of the radical controller adaptations being created at the Warfighter Engaged charity.

" all‐volunteer charitable non-profit with a mission to improve the lives of severely wounded warfighters through personally adapted devices. We modify video game and RC Vehicle controllers, make prosthetic enhancements, hygiene items and other novel devices for greater independence... With no two injuries being alike and no readily available solutions to address these specific needs, the vast majority of modifications to these devices can only be determined by a one on one interaction with each individual user. This service is performed for wounded veterans at Walter Reed NMMC, Ft. Sam Houston, individuals homes and other locations as needed. All adapted items are provided at no cost..."

Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop: Tailor Made Game Controllers section.

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Project Iris and Eye Control Gaming

Had to share this after a quick chat with Markus Pröll of Kinesic Mouse fame. His latest Project Iris for the Tobii EyeX seems like an excellent thing. And I have to say the EyeX tracking seems a lot more accurate than the EyeTribe that I've been playing with recently.

I'm keen to test this out for console gaming using a Titan One, and also to play with the interactors serving as a way to shift entire profiles with JoyToKey as seen at an extreme level with one-switch Tekken 6. I don't have a Tobii EyeX (currently this is a requirement) so I'll try to borrow one from somewhere.

Earlier this year with help I found a way to get most/all Eye-Gaze systems working on Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3 and PS4. That was a very rough proof of concept work around. Since then I have found a willing volunteer, called Nigel Jones, who is working on building something heading towards a simple Track Mapper to open up a wide range of eye-tracker, camera mouse and other point tracking devices for console gaming. All fingers crossed.

Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop: Head Controls section.

TrackMapper: convert head-movements to key presses

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Lite Brite

Something a little magical about the Lite Brite toy. Wonder if this still appeals to kids reared on portable computers. Rainbow-Lite on Android is probably the closest thing out there for a computer. Used to be a great on-line version, but it's pulled.

Lite Brite


One Switch Tekken 6

Here's a rough video of some work I'm doing for Colin McDonnell, the William Merritt centre and all one-switch users who enjoy video games. SpecialEffect are supporting with the loan of a Titan One too.

The system is using a mix of utilities (JoyToKey, vJoy and Pulse) with a Titan One USB device to reduce navigation and game playing controls down to a single switch. I've been tinkering with Basketball, COD and a few others on PS3 and Xbox 360. Huge possibilities. Very excited. Should be very affordable too, and will work with almost any switch that can trigger a key, mouse or joystick type event, including MakeyMakey.


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