One Switch: Call of Duty

William Merritt Centre's Accessible Gaming Days. Image of Colin McDonnell and friends playing games using a OneSwitch Console Switch Interface Deluxe (C-SID) with accessibility switches.

Earlier this year, during a SpecialEffect Game Blast marathon gaming event at William Merritt, Colin McDonnell and some friends resigned themselves to not being able to play the likes of Call of Duty. It was too fast, with too many controls. Colin mentioned this to me on-line after I'd adapted simpler games for him like FIFA and Boccia and a friend, William Pilgrim, adapted Dragon's Lair.

It's a prototype, but I've pulled together a method to make this possible. I'm hoping this system will enable Colin and his friends to blow each other up on the 27th of May. The system is here and each player will require their own switch, PC, Titan One device and a set of head-phones.

Here's a quick request to Activision and all the other companies making first person shooter games: Please give an option for limitless ammunition and much (much!) easier play modes. It would make play much more fun, and far more accessible.

CALL OF DUTY MW3: Game set-up help:

1. Ensure player one is set up as controller one (do this by holding down the menu button, aka "6" on keyboard).

2. MULTIPLAYER } SPLIT SCREEN } (all users need to press CROSS, aka "SPACE BAR" on keyboard JUST ONCE to join the game).

Call of Duty MW3 made one switch accessible for disabled gamers.

Multiplayer options in Call of Duty MW3 menu, made one switch accessible for game accessibility.

3. CREATE NEW PROFILE / LOAD PROFILE (When all players are signed in press CROSS to continue).

Split Screen Sign in on Call of Duty 3: Call of Duty MW3 made one switch accessible for disabled gamers.

4. GAME SETUP screen

a. MAP (CHANGE ARENA. Arkaden, medium sized German mall in the video above

b. MODE (Change game style. The video above is: STANDARD MODE } SABOTAGE.... "1 bomb in the centre of the map. Grab it and destroy the enemy objective!").

Call of Duty 3: Assistive Technology for game accessibility.

c. OPTIONS (Make Game Easier - Recommend adjusting Time limits to unlimited, quick bomb plant timer, Radar Always On, etc).

5. START MATCH.... You can use extra controls with this too for two, three or more switches. Get in touch for more info. Could do all sorts with this later on.... Hoping to make Minecraft one switch accessible using this system on a PS4 next.

Huge thanks to Ryo of JoyToKey, Jefferson of Console Tuner/Titan One, Clive of Pulse, Shaul of vJoy and Paul of ID Swapper without whom this system would not be the same.

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