Slow Motion Accessibility Lucky Dip

There's been some great news I've discovered since the start of the year in assistive technology slanted towards games and other leisure pursuits. Here's some that I would have posted at the time had I had more time...

Sony's PS4 and Vita Accessibility operating system updates.  Update 2.50 on the 26th of March 2015 brought a raft of accessibility features to the PS4. These included contrast, zoom and basic controller remapping. More of this please!

Music Search update: My short list of fantastic web-sites offering free music to listen to.

SAM Labs: Electronics construction kit in the modern age with no wires and no coding needed.

Ian Hamilton: Two brilliant posts, one Ways to Further Accessibility in the Games Industry and also How to do Subtitles Well: Basics and Good Practices.

Eye Tracking experiences as a Game Dev Teacher.

One Button Games film from Germany. Actually from 2013 but too good not to post. Linked to a teaching project in Potsdam.

Cognitive Accessibility 101 Part 1: What is cognitive accessibility? A personal take by Jamie Knight "a slightly autistic web developer".


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