Gaming Redux: So Far

Plane Minimalism: Image of a black sky with 6 jet planes criss-crossing with coloured vapour trails.

Progress continues in reducing game controls down to one and two-switch access with a range of previously inaccessible games. So far in the One Switch Pulse system is: Call of Duty MW3, Everybody's Golf, Everyday the Same Dream, Minecraft, Pool Nation, Proteus, Tekken 6, The Graveyard, The Pinball Arcade, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, Trapshoot, Visual Pinball and more.

Next up MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) including Namco's Alpine Racer, Asteroids, Galaxian, Space Invaders, Frogger, Peggle 2, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

Planning also to expand the system, with a one joystick (of any type) and one, two or more buttons in a smooth way.

Picture via: Plane Minimalism

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PS4 Adapters for One Handed Controllers

One Handed Controller on Playstation 4 via adapters.

A question I'm getting asked a lot at the moment is how to get One Handed PS2 Controllers working on a Playstation 4. The most affordable and simplest way is to daisy chain a Playstation 2 to Xbox 360 adapter into an XCM Cross Fire Converter 3.0 as seen in the picture above.

Now that it's quite easy to buy off the shelf One Handed Controllers, I've decided to hold back selling these for a whilst I'm concentrating on other projects. If people need a more advanced solution using extra controls, a Titan One is certainly worth looking at too.

XCM Cross Fire Converter 3.0 (Xbox 360 to PS4 adapter)

Playstation 2 to Xbox 360 adapter

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How Far We've Come, How Far We've Got to Go (2006)

The video above from Michael B. Williams is a fascinating glimpse into his use of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) devices. If short of time, fast forward to the bit on the Votrax based HandiVoice 120 and John Eulenberg around the 25 minute mark. Love the sound of a Votrax, but I've found it hard to understand since it was used heavily in Gorf and various pinball machines in the arcades.

Below this is a Wikipedia picture of a 1970s Toby Churchill communicator with monster battery pack which would have been much easier to use for those with the skills to use the keyboard. No speech though at that time, just an LED text display.

Via: YouTube and

HandiVoice - Votrax (A.A.C. device).

Toby Churchill LightWriter from 1970s (via Wikipedia). A.A.C. device.

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HaxBox: Range of controllers

HaxBox: Various controls to play a GameCube

The HaxBox project is an interesting accessible gaming merger/adapter in development. Details are fairly thin at the minute, but it's a box that allows for a mix of existing assistive technology and standard gaming controllers to be used on a range of different game consoles with minimal hassle for the user.

I'm not entirely sure how this will work with devices that require a special driver, such as head-trackers and eye-gaze units. It seems to replicate the root basics of a PC and Titan One system with JoyToKey but perhaps across to more consoles. I get the impression it will greatly simplify the process of connecting a mix of controls (mostly USB based I guess), removing some of the complexity of PC over console control. Not sure if it will allow for latching, auto-fire, profile shifting and so on. Very curious to find out more.

Looks like HaxBox will be tying up with AbleGamers with a Kickstarter in Autumn/Fall to try to bring it to those who want it. I'm a little wary of the claims on the web-site, but nonetheless, this looks like it will be a great bit of kit for a wide range of people.

Images and video via:


Dracula Cha Cha

Dracula Cha Cha: Green faced Dracula rides a moped with Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer in Venice.

The game that made me smile the most in a very long time is Dracula Cha Cha. At a speed I can appreciate, five or six years later this game has four extra levels and a proper ending.

Inspired by more than just Konami's Tomena Sammer, this is a wonderful thing for PCs. Yes that's a green faced Dracula (briefly) riding a moped with Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer on the streets of Venice.

The SPACE bar is all you need to play. Many thank to Lobo of Infectuous for (nearly) completing one of my all time favourite one-switch games.

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2014: All Blogged One Switch Games

Psychedelic floral underwater out of space scene from Deep Under Sky

One Switch Games Blogged in 2014

Flappy Bird on Android, One Button Sports, Vector Pinball, Past Memories, Tower Bloxxx, Jet Pack Joyride, Dr. Bulbaceous, Text Adventure Games. On-line LEGO games. My Time. Peggle with 4Noah utility. 1D Pong, Catch Phrase, Deep Under the Sky. 16th of October - cracked one-switch gaming on consoles with thanks to work with Clive Galway and Shaul Eiz. Apple Switch Accessibility 1979-2014. Darwin Gater, Switch 'n' Shoot, c1ic Tiny Arcade and c1ic DJ Arkanoid. Also, Ian Bean's great new cause and effect activities created using Slideshow maker.

Favourite Other Posts of 2014

Quad-Stick, seeing the baton being passed on from accessible gaming legend Ken Yankelevitz. Accessible Pool. Go Baby Go! Project. Robo-tar. Fifa 2014 Redux (two-button playable). BBC Click Inclusive Games. Boccia Two Switch (now one-switch). Track N Trace (eye-gaze art). Max Headroom (Good Pals). A Light in Chorus (beautiful game). Switch Dice Roller. 1979 Electronic Generation. Joypad Mounting Solution for cheap using a selfie-stick. iPad Toucher (make most modern day touch screens switch accessible). Wii-U accessibility.

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One Switch Pool Nation (PS3)

With thanks to Colin McDonnell, Clive Galway and SpecialEffect I recently created a way to play Pool Nation with a single switch. The key new part of this system was a way to emulate pulling back on the right-stick different amounts, then pushing full-forwards, all mapped to single button.

Thanks to Clive, the new version of the "One Switch Pulse" makes this possible, opening up lots of Pool and Golf games using this control.

The gear needed is a Titan One adapter with firmware updated, a Windows PC with switch, the One Switch Pulse software system and some patience to get it working (or contact me at SpecialEffect to help install it remotely). Will eventually update this for Pure Pool on Xbox One and Pool Nation FX on PS4 all being well.

Technical help: Within the Pulse "Bindings" tab, make sure the Hard Pool cue shot is E, Medium is F and Soft is G. The Pool cue settings should be similar to those below. You may wish to adjust the Medium and Soft settings a little bit, up or down 10%. Make sure the Direct Input is Enabled, and DI Settings are pointing to "vjoy". Pressing E, F or G on the keyboard or with a switch should see the lRy setting reflect pulling a right stick back then pushing it forward.

MaxAim DI: Playstation 3 settings via

MaxAim DI: vJoyDevice Direct Input Game Controller Settings

One Switch Pulse: With Pool Cue settings.

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