How Far We've Come, How Far We've Got to Go (2006)

The video above from Michael B. Williams is a fascinating glimpse into his use of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) devices. If short of time, fast forward to the bit on the Votrax based HandiVoice 120 and John Eulenberg around the 25 minute mark. Love the sound of a Votrax, but I've found it hard to understand since it was used heavily in Gorf and various pinball machines in the arcades.

Below this is a Wikipedia picture of a 1970s Toby Churchill communicator with monster battery pack which would have been much easier to use for those with the skills to use the keyboard. No speech though at that time, just an LED text display.

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HandiVoice - Votrax (A.A.C. device).

Toby Churchill LightWriter from 1970s (via Wikipedia). A.A.C. device.

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