Soul Calibur defeated...

Colin McDonnell having just completed Soul Calibur using a single switch (and One Switch Pulse Tekken profile).

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JoyToKey 5.7 Updates

Very exciting new update for JoyToKey, with thanks to the brilliant programmer Ryo Ohkubo finding time to add it for me. Both sounds and images can now be attached to each profile. This is a massive boost for the accessibility of the system.

For use on consoles especially, the PC screen can be used to indicate what the profile is doing. I'll try to get a video up soon, but imagine the system with Pool for instance. The pictures could change between an image of a camera (to change the view), an image of arrows pointing left and right (change aim) and a picture of a ball being hit (select power). Huge possibilities and hope for a stretched full-screen mode one day too.

Really pleased to see the two-switch system making it's way over to Japan in the video above. Great stuff! Maybe there will be a Japan vs. England game competition one day using switches.

JoyToKey: OneSwitch Pulse system and sound and images options.


Teletext40 On View 02

Some fantastic switch access updates to follow this Teletext interval....

Sam Walker at the Beautiful Octopus Club (September 2015)

Sam Walker performing live at Heart n Soul's The Beautiful Octopus Club Festival at London's Southbank Centre on Friday 4 September, 2015.

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Chase the Tear

Hoping for a fourth Portishead album before too long. Music for Autumn.




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