Microsoft are Listening...

The Ease of Access Xbox One forums are a new space for people to make requests (and vote up existing requests) for better Xbox One access. I've popped one up for Promote Very Broad Difficulty Adjustment in Games.

This is a request backed by the IGDA GASIG Top 10 (number 7), the Game Accessibility Guidelines, scattered through AbleGamer's Includification and the SpecialEffect wish list for Accessible Game Design.

I've been quite rude about Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Apple in the past for having a head-in-the-sand attitude to game accessibility. This year both Microsoft and Sony have had their arms twisted (by the CVAA) and have delivered some positive access boosts to their latest consoles. Apple have been doing some great stuff too. I get the impression that Microsoft quite liked the positive boost that comes from doing the right thing for their broad audience. It remains to be seen if they push any harder. I really hope they do, as there's a long way left to go.

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