7 colour-field pictures.

Artsy is a free on-line gallery for people who may never have a chance to see the originals. I'm a fan of Mark Rothko's colour-field art work often finding them really relaxing and able to trigger phantom memories of other worlds/lives. There's something there for most people with a passing interest in visual arts.

As an aside, back in 2002 the site that eventually became, was first called Colour-Fields when I was trying to settle on a name. 


Sound Switch

The tfh sound switch is a fairly small rectangular black box, pictured hwere with an on/off switch, input socket and a reward dial.

The "Simple Sound Switch" from tfh (about £65) pictured above enables a person to get an extra switch input from making a loud enough sound. This is great for people who don't get along with speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and Voice Activated Commands but have enough control to make a deliberate loud sound/word.

Accessible Gaming pioneer, Colin McDonnell helped us test this out at SpecialEffect last week with a couple of driving games (pictured below with Wii-U Mario Kart 8). We had it set so you could shout to stop/start the kart, and a head-switch would alternatively steer left/right. It takes practice to get good at it, but just having that one extra input at your disposal means more games can be made accessible. We're looking to develop this further to give more power with sound duration and volume too. The OneSwitch Pulse system will mean that all the menus can be made accessible too.

This was the first time in a while that Colin had been able to drive in a console game. Some really nice ones to consider down the line (using the OneSwitch Pulse system) are Xbox One Forza Horizon 2 and on the Xbox 360/PS3, Driver San Francisco, Blur and Burnout Paradise. Colin and friends are looking to raise money for SpecialEffect at their William Merritt fund-raising page. If you can spare a few quid, please pop by and give them some support for their marathon gaming event.

Colin is intently watching the screen in front of him with Mario in a Kart in 7th place. In between are lots of controls that he was not using at the time and a laptop running Titan One and the OneSwitch Pulse system.

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Dual Controls for Playstation 4

Above are two methods (and there are others including Titan One through a PC) to have two joypads simultaneously acting as the same controller on a Sony PS4.

The most expensive is the XIM4 method. You'll need a XIM4, PS4 Dual-Shock (plus connecting "Micro USB" charging cable) and a second controller. You can use a range of second controllers, including PS3 Dual-Shock via a Mini USB charging cable, Xbox 360 wired controller and so on. Configure the XIM4 for use with the PS4 (I use the Aliens profile they provide, then set-up the left-stick and buttons). I don't really like the XIM4 very much to be honest as I often have a horrible time connecting to it via Blue-tooth (Android or PC only). However, when it's set-up and if you don't need to change it, it is superb.

The least expensive I've found, is the XCM Cross Fire Converter 3.0. Plug a wired Xbox 360 joypad into the front port (or a PS3 with charging cable), and the PS4 joypad via a Micro USB charging cable into the trailing female USB socket. This seems the simplest and most affordable method so far.

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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PS4) - One Stick Two Buttons

This is the stunningly beautiful Everybody's Gone to the Rapture from The Chinese Room. Using a custom system I'm developing with Clive Galway, it's possible to play this game using one-thumb-stick instead of two.

This is a work in progress (with a one-switch version to come), but currently with this game, there is a forced requirement to use six-axis motion controls (which is a common barrier for some physically disabled players) with no alternative. Yet.... 

Reads, "Larger patch with accessibility options incoming beginning of next year" with 7 retweets and 15 likes.

Image of a man and woman holding hands in silhouette, on the brow of a meadow with three butterflies around them.

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One Switch Darts (Bullseye DVD)

New addition to the One Switch Pulse system is the DVD game Bullseye (from Upstarts Ltd). I always remember this as cosy Winter viewing round my Nan and Grandad's, but Darts is such a great game anyway. You can play a slightly ponderous version of Bullseye for two to four teams from start to finish, or jump into any part of the game show you wish.

Best bit, to my mind, is the ability to just use the game as a dart-board. You could sit this next to a real dartboard at home or in a pub with a bit of planning, and have real vs. virtual darts matches. Round the clock and Killer work really well with this.

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One Switch Flying

Just added profiles to the OneSwitch Pulse system to make the psychedelic flight simulator "Oases" possible to play with one-button. I first saw it at "Now Play This" in London earlier last year with it's original joystick and a button controller (see below).

"OASES: Armel Gibson & Dziff (Klondike), with music by bo en (2015). The game is a voidscape - a term for a game that position[s] a videogame scene against an otherwise all-consuming negative space, providing a place to explore within a larger unplace..... The game is loosely inspired by Gibson's grandfater who died young when his plane was lost during the Algerian War of Independence.

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One Switch Audi

James May's Cars of the People (episode 3) featured a one-switch accessible race-car with all the assists in the world. Hold it down and the car started to pelt around the track, steering braking and accelerating for you. Let-go and the car would come to a quick stop. The near future of driving.


JoyToKey with On Screen Keyboard

If you want JoyToKey to interact with the free Windows On Screen Keyboard (e.g. setting a joystick as the mouse, and a button as left-click) you must do the following:

1. Be in an administrator account.
2. Right-click on JoyToKey before starting and "Run as administrator"
3. Type "OSK" in the start bar and click on it to start the On Screen Keyboard.
4. Click on Options. Select Click-on-Keys, Hover over keys or if wishing to use the scanning mode, "Scan Through Keys".

This applies to the One Switch Pulse system too, but you will need to run both JoyToKey and Pulse "as an administrator".

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