Possum ZX Spectrum

In 1982 the legendary assistive technology company Possum created a range of accessible computers intended primarily for use in UK schools. Amongst these were three special ZX Spectrums: The Desktop Scanning model, the Brief-case Scanning model and the Expanded Keyboard.

The video above was uploaded by David Crockford at Possum from their amazing archive of assistive technology dating back to the 1960s. Read a little more on the Possum ZX Spectrum in the February 1983 ZX Computing magazine. This and much more will be appearing in my book the One Switch 100.

Image of an up-right Possum ZX Spectrum. A large briefcase version of the ZX Spectrum with canning LEDs and dials to control the scanning speed and sound. Alongside a small colour TV with an image of the UK. In front of the Possum is a cassette player and small thermal printer, with the same image of the UK.

A black and white image of a Possum ZX Spectrum and expanded keyboard.

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