7-128 Software: Accessible Gaming Awards

Huge thanks to 7-128.com who have awarded OneSwitch.org.uk the top slot for Web Sites for Gamers who are Motion Impaired - 2016. :)

This is a list that focuses particularly on Windows based software which is something I'm throwing myself into to open up all kinds of games (Playstation, Xbox and most excitingly at the minute the Raspberry Pi).

7-128.com have a fantastic array of web-sites that they have ranked. I highly recommend you check them all out if you're passionate about making the world of gaming a fairer and more accessible place.

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(Nearly) Off the Shelf Game Accessibility Solutions

Great to see my friend Brannon Zahand setting up the Video Game Accessibility YouTube channel.

His first video above shows how to create a versatile affordable solution for people needing twin joysticks with easier to reach / larger controls and buttons. It uses a Mayflash Arcade Fightstick F300 (available from eBay and the same system I'm using with my C-SID2) and a Titan One type adapter for the reconfiguration stuff.

The reconfiguration "scripts" in the video may look a little bit scary if you've never programmed anything before, but it's not a lot more difficult than copying and pasting at a basic level. If you go to the ConsoleTuner web-site you can find a range of useful accessibility scripts (search on "accessibility" of "specialeffect").

I recommend going for the Titan One over a Cronus device as the originator Jefferson Koppe is a long time supporter of the accessible gaming movement. He's personally helped me and others with a number of solutions in enabling otherwise disabled gamers. He was the originator of this type of device and I'm a big believer in supporting the supporters.

Looking forward to seeing what Brannon comes up with next.

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