One-switch Monkey Art: Bungee Vine

One switch art with CBeebies on-line Bungee Vine.

CBeebies Bungee Vine is a fantastic little art-utility that is one-switch compatible once started using a switch set to the SPACE BAR.

If more independence is needed on a PC, my one-switch pulse system gives full mouse control, and a way to jump to acting as the space bar if needed (and much more). Just get in touch.

Added to the OneSwitch Art section.

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Left Hand Fighter - back in stock...

Left handed joypad controller for Playstation and other machines with an appropriate adapter or two.

New batch of brand new Left Hand Fighter controllers back in stock in the OneSwitch Accessible Gaming Shop. For Playstation 2, but easy to get working on other consoles via adapters.


One Button To Rule All Jam

Black background with a symbol of hand with finger pressing a button.

A new batch of one-switch (or one button if you prefer) games are slowly surfacing right now as part of the One Button jam, hosted at indie gaming repository Hopefully this will turn up a few gems. Keeping an eye.

For more one-switch gaming right now, take a look at (one-button games) and For making Playstation 4, Xbox One, RetroPie and more one-switch accessible, keep an eye on my Gaming Redux area and feel free to get in touch.

Game Jam Pot

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