Shout Box: Extra Switch Input

Assistive technology set-up for sound / breath control over video games and beyond.

A small box of electronics with radiating lines, three coloured LEDs, a microphone cover and two plugs going into the box.

Image of a black and blue arcade stick adapted for switch use, pictured with a red able net switch and a Shout Box.

The Shout Box pictured above was a tie up between OneSwitch and the very talented Jason Hotchkiss of 1D Pong fame. It allows a person to make any sound (down to a gentle puff of breath) to act as switch input. This can be converted to latched, pulsed or momentary (held until released) output at the flick of a switch.

The dial lets you adjust the sensitivity from the lightest breath to a shout (hence the name). It's pretty brilliant in use, running off 3x AA batteries, and a very easy way to give someone an extra input to control a switch adapted gadget or game.

OneSwitch is undergoing a make-over right now in the back-ground, but expect to see the ShoutBox and more appear a little later this year when the site is rolling again. Update: The Shoutbox is now available in the OneSwitch shop.

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