Switch Accessible Programming

Programming with a switch is not an easy thing. Programming is not easy full stop, but it can be huge fun. Christopher Hills shows how he's getting into the hobby/profession with iOS switch access and Swift.

For PC users, it's possible to use some custom (free) software I can provide and Windows on screen keyboard to do similar things. Using some type of notepad might help too.

Some well known game languages include Scratch, Game Maker and Twine. There's a nice list at at ScienceBuddies.org. Additionally, it's possible in theory, to design levels in things like Little Big Planet and Boulder Dash using OneSwitch Pulse that I can also supply.

[UPDATE]: This post from RetroGamers in 2009 details a large range of programming resources many of them free. The BBC have some essential computing educational help on-line in their BBC Bitesize pages.

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