Access Darts (iOS)

Picture of a Dart board, surrounded by 9 darts, 3 with union jacks, 3 with stars and stripes and 3 with skull and cross-bones. A green accessibility switch with lead is pictured in front.

Delighted to discover Simon Evan's "Access Darts" today. This is the best highly accessible dart game I've ever played. You may be able to grab a free code from his blog if you're swift.

Not only is this game one-switch accessible, but it's also accessible for visually impaired players thanks to some excellent audio and assist modes. There's hopes for an update soon to include a free play mode, something I've long hoped for, which would make brilliant group games like Killler possible, and also would make it easier to play in virtual vs. real style. Really fantastic stuff.

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  1. # Anonymous Simon

    Thanks Barrie! Ashamed to say I was unfamiliar with Killer - I'll add freeplay ASAP.  

  2. # Anonymous danigo thierry

    Thank you Barry for this information ! I think that I'm one of the last person to obtein a free code. I very like accessibility of this game (scanning and microphone access).
    For your information : Button Dartz and Bullseye are not found on your server.
    All the best. Thierry D.  

  3. # Blogger

    Hi Thierry,

    Glad you like it! I think there should be an updated version available today or tomorrow, with a free play option.

    I've also fixed the darts links at OneSwitch. I need to fix quite a few of the games links, but thanks for the info.



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