Sony Playstation Experience 2016: Accessibility Panel

Shawn Layden (introducing the Accessibility panel at the Sony Playstation Experience 2016 on the 4th of December at 2pm):

"I wanted to be on stage today to tell you how important this next panel is to our community, to our business, to our life, to what we do as Playstation gamers.... the accessibility panel is here to talk about how to make games more accessible to all gamers of all walks of life.... We are a diverse bunch, the Playstation Nation..... The ideal is that every gamer should be able to have all the different gaming experiences that we can possibly bring to them, it's important for Playstation. We really want to be leaders in this field."


This could be a race to the top with the big players. Nintendo, are you listening? Here's some really useful contacts in large Game Companies Interested in Game Accessibility. Contact them if you'd like to be heard:

Apple Accessibility - primarily via

Google Accessibility (USA and International)

Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility and Accessibility (USA)

Sony Accessibility and Usability (International)

Xbox Ease of Access and Accessibility (USA)

Bryce Johnson on Twitter a great contact at Xbox.

Karen Stevens on Twitter likewise at EA Accessible.

Mark Friend on Twitter likewise at Sony (also via mark.friend [@]

Sony Playstation Experience 2016: Accessibility Panel


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