C-SID2 (Console Switch Interface Deluxe 2)

Black arcade stick with blue joystick and buttons, adapted, and with a low-profile external round joystick attached with large switches.

Pictured top is a "C-SID2" (an adapted Mayflash arcade stick) with MERU Moozi joystick and accessibility switches attached. Pictured below that is shows an attached Xbox One joypad which works simultaneously.

All manner of controls can be formed from this, including Tentacular attachments. Works on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC and others. Click on the picture above to read the current draft of instructions to find out more. Should be in the OneSwitch.org.uk Accessible Gaming shop soon.

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More Musicless Musicvideos here. Found via Mel Croucher.


Occupational Therapists as Hackers and Makers in Accessible Design

"OTs were the original makers, and we don’t make as much as we used to..... we can be making things, we can be doing these things ourselves. We have to embrace making again. We have to look at things differently, look outside of the box, and not go straight to the catalogue".

Via Holly Cohen's TED Talk: Occupational Therapists as Hackers and Makers in Accessible Design.

OTs were certainly amongst the original makers (alongside teachers, family members and so on) from the 1970s onwards with switch adaptations of toys. It's true too that many toys are really easy to adapt, and more is needed. Definitely much more is needed for older kids as the range seems quite small these days.


Eye Conductor

For someone needing/wishing to create music using eye and facial movements alone, Eye Conductor looks like an exciting and affordable way to do so. It's based upon custom software, a $99 EyeTribe eye-tracker, web-cam and FaceTracker. Definitely one to keep an eye on at andreasrefsgaard.dk.

Via: Synthtopia

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One Switch Arcade

One Switch games were born in Amusement arcades (see the 1930s Rotary Merchandiser at the bottom of this post) but it's good to see them going through quite a revival over the past few years. If only the games would have a 3.5mm mono socket fitted, so people could play the games using an accessibility switch....

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FIFA 16: Accessibility Boosts

This short video demonstrates three brilliant access features in FIFA 16.

1. Two-button mode: Although off-line only (who knows why) this allows some physically disabled players to use a wide range of controls, as well as simply offering a more accessible method of play.

2. Broad difficulty level adjustment: Hugely beneficial for a people finding FIFA too hard. You can make your own team far more accurate, and your opponent far less accurate.

3. Player direction recticle: Your active player is encircled by a kind of recticle, that tells you what way you are pushing the stick. Enormously useful for the method shown with 0 stick and 2 buttons.

Fingers crossed EA will soon include an on-line mode enabling two-button mode for head-to-head friendly games at least.

The FIFA 16 two-button profiles were created with thanks to SpecialEffect.org.uk.


One Switch: In the Pipe

OneSwitch Accessible Gaming Set-up

Some accessible controllers in the OneSwitch.org.uk pipe. Top two pictures are of my C-SID replacement. As well as accessibility switches, it allows for a team-controller (analogue) joypad to be used and optional (digital) MERU Moozi  or Atari D9 standard joystick. It will also optionally come with a Titan One adapter with some custom profiles to make play easier.

The adapted impact will offer a very affordable way to get basic switch access to a PC. Both will work with the free One Switch Pulse / Gaming Redux system.

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GameBlast16: William Merritt Centre

The pictures above are a few from the brilliant William Merritt Centre at Gameblast16 in February. I was particularly chuffed to see that Colin and Maxine had programmed their own custom OneSwitch Pulse profiles to play Zelda on the Wii-U for team-play. Also that the sound switch was working out well. More news on all of that soon with hopes for greater power.

For the SpecialEffect fundraiser event Gameblast16, people across the country, and possibly the world, played marathon gaming events. The aim is to raise awareness and cash to support SE's on-going work to remove barriers from otherwise disabled people wanting to play games.  For many people, without the likes of SpecialEffect, finding accessible solutions can be an expensive, confusing and sometimes fruitless endeavour.

You should be able to see Tekken being played one-switch style here for a short time: http://www.twitch.tv/wmcgamers/v/50900359 (around 2 minutes 20 seconds in).

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