More game controller mods and builds....

White PS4 Dual Shock with added push buttons for L3 and R3

HORI Real Arcade Pro fitted with switch sockets and surface buttons on/off switch. Rear view.

HORI Real Arcade Pro arcade stick, fitted with an analogue stick with easy grip sponge tennis ball top.

Two Xbox One white Joypad controllers lightened sticks and fitted with discrete switch sockets for Co-Pilot use.

A batch of custom controllers I've built recently include a PS4 Dual Shock with low-profile low-pressure push buttons in the grips for L3 and R3.

There's an arcade stick fitted with an analogue joystick, switch sockets, on/off switch for surface buttons and lots of custom modes including a nice first-person exploration mode I tweaked with thanks to a suggestion from Francis Binnie at SpecialEffect. Hope to get a D.I.Y. guide up for this before too long. My friend Shaz is borrowing this and said it was "as smooth as butter" using the Ultimarc U360 stick.

There's also a pair of adapted Xbox One controllers with switch sockets, lightened joysticks designed to be used together with Co-Pilot simultaneous play modes.


Pink Trombone (web toy)

Simple pink and white cut away diagram of the vocal systems of a human.

Pink Trombone is a point and click or drag web toy that simulates how human's produce sound. It's huge fun found via a Now Play This festival write-up. Play along to Large Number to make a particular type of music / racket.

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One Switch Driving (Need for Speed Rivals)

"This works great! Never thought I could do a driving game ever again, but now I can.....I've got need for speed perfect for me." So pleased to receive these messages from Colin McDonnell this weekend and his video above.

Colin took the previously detailed two-switch mode, and by tweaking the speed of the car, and steering, got it working well for him. This particular set-up was supported by SpecialEffect, building on my free to share One Switch Pulse system.

Huge thanks to Clive Galway for improving UCR so much which helps this to work as it does.

Image of a Bugatti Veyron police car in front of a pack of other cars. One Switch icon in top right corner.

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Co-Pilot, 2 Switch and 1 Switch Driving

The three rough and ready videos above show a slew of methods for playing a driving game with reduced controls. Top uses Microsoft's fantastic Xbox One Co-pilot feature, not so much for team play but to combine a standard wireless controller, using just the left-stick, with a custom accessibility set-up.

The second video shows a two-switch method for driving. This might be one head switch and one "shout box".

The bottom video shows a one-switch method of driving. This requires the auto-scanning "One Switch Pulse" system to be active. Three fast taps cycles between go fast / drift / reverse / drift. Otherwise the switch controls alternate steering left / right.

Screen shot reading Controller. Three boxed items read Button mapping, Vibration settings and Copilot settings.

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