Blind Accessibility in Gaming

Gaming Through New Eyes: Toby Ott talks of his gaming passions without vision. An absolutely brilliant short documentary that explains some methods needed to enjoy playing games blind or with a sight impairment. Gaming Through New Eyes Facebook page here.

Blind Japanese boy sends Nintendo heartwarming thank you letter, gets amazing response: Hibiki Sakai sent a letter to Nintendo saying how much he loves the Rhythm Tengoku series of games, as they're the only ones he's found that he can play, could they please make some more. Nintendo got back in Braille stating a desire to make games that everyone can play.

Sightless Kombat takes on all comers at the BBC: Using Killer Instinct, accessible gaming advocate and gamer Sightless Kombat took on all challengers at the BBC. This was part of their significant day long Global Accessibility Awareness Day efforts.

Dark oblong box with two groups of arcade push buttons, and no stick.

TV screen shows two players, one up against the wall being attacked in a video game.

A Hero's Call by Out of Sight Games: A blind accessible fantasy RPG by a Seattle based team including a blind programmer and blind composer. This has been funded 3 and a half times over on Kickstarter and is due out in June 2017.

How a blind man plays mainstream video games and the future of accessibility in games: This story links to Steve Saylor's excellent Blind Gamer YouTube channel. It talks of EA Games welcoming ideas and suggestions from players to make their games more accessible. It mentions Nintendo's 1-2 Switch being largely playable without a screen and some future hopes for accessible Virtual Reality.

Update [24-5-2017]: The Rapidly Changing Landscape of Accessibility for Blind Gamers: A really thorough look at how things are progressing in the world of gaming by Ian Hamilton over at Gamasutra.

Links: Gaming Through New Eyes via Kotaku..... Hibiki Sakai story via James Montagna.... Sightless Kombat story via the BBC.


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