Game Accessibility Talks (2017)

Below lists some of the progressive accessible gaming talks and slides from this year so far. Some from the recent Game Accessibility Conference (GAConf) and some from the Game Developers' Conference 2017. There's so much movement now in game accessibility. This is good as there's patently still so much to do. Looking forward to a tidy grab-all list from the GAConf's speaker's list.

Evolve: An Adventure in Retro Fitting Accessibility (Tara Voelker - Gaikai) - Subtitled version to come.

Friction that Fits (Bryce Johnson - Xbox).

Game Accessibility: Practical Visual Fixes from EA's 'Madden NFL' Franchise (Karen Stevens - EA) - Madden Slides.

Improving Games Accessibility in Children's Games through QA (Hannah Bunce - BBC).

Raising the Bar: 2016's Accessibility Advancements (Ian Hamilton - Independent).

Reaching More Gamers Through Xbox Accessibility (Evelyn Thomas - Xbox).

Sources of Inspiration for Approaching Accessibility in VR (Hannah Gillis and Ben Peck - Lucasfilm)


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