Low Pressure Xbox One and PS4 Games

Below is a list of PS4 and Xbox One games that are good for players wanting a lower pressure game. These are also all suitable for shared controls between two or more players.

It's possible to share controls in a number of ways. Perhaps using the Xbox Co-Pilot system with two controllers. Perhaps using Sony's Shared Play system across the internet. Perhaps using a Titan Two adapter. Perhaps using a switch adapted or custom controller. Perhaps just sharing a single controller and squishing up together.

ABZU: Scuba Diving game (PS4 and Xbox One): Scuba Diving with freedom to explore. Some nice controls to share include Circle/B (head over heels), R2/RT (swim), Square/X (communicate).

Burnout Paradise (Xbox One): Free exploration driving game where it's as fun to crash as win (optional) races. Get the Xbox 360 version on disc then set up on an internet connected Xbox One for backwards compatibility with this brilliant game. I can help with a Titan adapter script to reduce the top speed of the car to make it more manageable.

Dear Esther (PS4 and Xbox One): Starts off on a fairly depressing Scottish island, but swiftly becomes stunningly beautiful.

Everybody's Golf (PS4): Due out in the 2nd half of 2017. Everybody's Golf is low pressure and typically has quite simple controls. Looking forward to this one. Lots of Golf games on other machines if simpler controls are not so necessary.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PS4): An extremely beautiful game exploring an English Village, but adult content. The world can be explored fairly freely using both sticks. If possible to divide out the left-stick UP motion, this allows the user to move forward. Right-stick left and right are enough to change direction. The PS4 requires six-axis controls at certain points. The PC version has an accessibility option removing this constraint, but requires a powerful machine.

Flower (PS4): Nature and magic game. Tilt the controller and press Cross to pollinate the flowers and bring life back into the world. Using a Titan adapter, it's possible to use a conventional joystick and/or switch controls. Again I can help with this.

HoHokum (PS4): A puzzle game that starts very slow with high contrast and relaxing music. Can be treated as a toy throughout with no pressure to solve anything at all. Use the L2 and R2 buttons to change direction or just create nice squiggly lines. Hold Circle to go slower.

Journey (PS4): A desert based puzzle game with magical and mystical content. One stick to move around, Cross and Circle  for jump and interact are enough to play.

Peggle 2 (PS4 and Xbox One): Bagatelle type puzzle game. Game waits indefinitely until you launch a ball to bounce around the pegs. Controls to share include left and right (aiming) and Cross/A (launch ball).

Pure Chess (PS4 and Xbox One): Very nicely presented game of chess. Can be played with two (or more) local players and has a nice grid based interface (left-stick or d-pad accessible) and optional legal moves highlighting.

Pure Pool (PS4 and Xbox One): Pool (and Snooker with an optional upgrade). The free practice with auto-aiming help enables play using right-stick back then up to take shots. Taking shots can be made one-switch accessible with a Titan One adapter and a custom set-up I'm happy to help with.

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