One Switch Number Generator

Green, pruple, cyan, white and yellow blocks splattered over a black background. The number 53 is in white under a yellow box.
From top to bottom, 48, 47, 38 and 9 next to blocky coloured balls on a black background.
Giant Teletext number 45
Reads, 9, 25, 43, 48, 49 and 59. A green window gives options to Go Again, Print or Exit.
Blocky Teletext Lottery balls, with options to Go, change rules, choose National Lottery or Thunderball rules, change the options, save or exit.
1995, 2000 Thurrock Care, with options to start a Yes, No and Dice programme, Talk Type word processor, Number Generator and National Lottery, Biorhythms, Musical Keyboard or get help and see credits.
Dice with six black squares and the number 6 next to it in chunky 8-bit graphics.

I've just gone back to my roots and updated my Switch Programmes suite, so that it can be played in a browser and generate current UK lottery numbers with minimal faff. Here's how....

1. Set switch 1 as SPACE BAR.
2. Click this link. Should open up in your web-browser. I use Chrome.
3. Select "Number Generator and National Lottery" when highlighted.
4. Select "National Lottery Rules" then "Go!"
5. Hit your switch to start choosing numbers.

There's lots more to this software. You can make the choice random or more deliberate. You can change the numbers to get involved in different games, such as Bingo, Darts and Roulette. You can use it to run a sweepstake. It can be used to make random choices in art and music creation. It can be used as a cause and effect toy. Use your imagination.  Full instructions here.

Useful other keys are Escape, F12 (Break), A-Z (for manual control) and the up/down cursor keys (to resume auto-scanning and change the speed).

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