Release (Vectrex)

Release is a superb Vectrex remake of an iOS and Android original by Gimogames. It's a little like Bedlam but your weapon is a hexagonal force that expands outwards as you hold your button. Release the force over enemies to destroy them, with quite a few tactics to learn for better scores.

Playable with a single button or accessibility switch with a switch adapted Vectrex, this is for players with fast reactions and tracking ability. iOS and Android should be similarly accessible.

You can download the game by Vide Malban from his Release site to run in an emulator or copy to a Vectrex flash cart such as (the soon to be released) VecFever. A physical release is also hoped to make it across to Packrat Video Games for use on a genuine Vectrex. Finally, you can pick up nice colour overlays from or RetroSounds. Dream kit (if they had accessibility switch sockets) below....

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