Stare Outs

Image of Young Dracula sitting in an ornate chair, eyes yellow, staring right at you.

The BBC have a growing number of one-switch playable games on their CBBC and CBeebies sites. Unfortunately they're very hard to find. One gem buried away is the cbbc Staring Contests.

In Staring Contest: Young Dracula, your challenge is to out stare Young Dracula. You can play with a webcam and actual blinking, or with the SPACE bar. It's targeted at PC/Mac use, and is a lot of fun.

For those unable to access the game, I was amused to see that there are simple staring games on YouTube. Stareout competitions are probably as old as humans, but it's certainly fun to give children (and adults) the option to have battles against characters such as Tracy Beaker and Young Dracula.

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